Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why Do I Feel Like Shite??

I have been blood tested to death and the answers may be found over at GF Geisha.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ebbs and Flows

Life is like a box of chocolates; expensive, sickly and over too soon!!

I am having my ups and downs, as we all do. That is life.

I have barely read a blog in forever. Went to bloglines tonight and ran screaming at the sheer multitude of posts I have to catch up on. In reality it's just not going to happen. I will endeavour to get up to speed but if I've missed anything big please fill me in as some of you have over 40 posts for me to catch up on - you have too much spare bloody time on your hands!!

I am at my all time highest weight but I'm not going to go into that here, shoot over to The Geisha's Place for that news.

I have been discovering so much about myself it's bizarre. I recommend anyone who is struggling with things in life to get a bit of couch time in. It's like having a friend who has to listen to you whether they like it or not and then they have to say wise things to you and help you see the light. It's brilliant.

I've been working long hours, I really enjoy it. I'm flying up to Auckland in the next couple of weeks for the day and will be doing some training on a computer package we use at work to make me an expert. Then at the end of the month I'm off to an Excutive Administrators Course to learn things like image importance, how to manage different boss's, how to be the middle man etc. I'm really enjoying it all.

As far as Aussie goes, who knows. At the moment it's in the pipeline but that pipe is bloody long.

Kids are great. Off to see the famous Dr Gluten next week for Phoebe. She is having some real issues with ezcema and pale floating stools. Poor wee toerag. Thing we may be looking down the barrel of a dairy free gun as well. She has just started Kindy and is loving it, but we have to get an EpiPen for her peanut allergy and that is going to cost over $170 and only can be used once. It's a bit rough when a common food can kill you and Mum and Dad have to use a third of Mum's weekly income to pay for the 0.2mls of adrenalin that could save your life. And you live over 40mins from the nearest hospital. Anyone, I'm not after any free lunches, I just think Pharmac needs to get it's priorities straight. Over 200 million spent on a meningitis B vaccine that as been found to be near to useless and only lasts for around 7 months and was incidentally never tested on humans before dosed out en masse to our unsuspecting population. How many people die from allergic reactions to foods etc a year compared to meningitis (prior to vaccination)? How many woman die a year from breast cancer compared to meningitis? Don't see the 200 million being shelled out for herceptin? I know there are a million arguments for and against but I feel that this country is run by a pack of pillocks who push their own agendas and go for the big media hitting pity votes.

Have apparently done my rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Don't know if I have mentioned the neck/shoulder pain I've had for the past couple of years but I usually grin and bear it. Yesterday I finally brought it up with the doc and apparently I have quite a problem there. Hopefully will find time to get to physio this week.

There's an update for you!!

More soon.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Things I Like About Me ...

this week are:

My lips.

My breasts - when my arms are lifted over my head.

And ... the curve to my waist.

What do you like about yourself, physically, this week?