Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ahoy there

I am alive.

I really am.

Life is pretty great.

I am riding heaps, had a bad fall in mid January and ended up in hospital on IV antibiotics due to a septic wound on my left arm. Still having troubles with that arm but a muscular thing in the deltoids so should sort soon.

My course starts in 3 weeks. Crazy.

Everyone else on the course ranges in age from 18 - 21. Bwwwaaahhhhaaaahhhhaaaa. I am really going to have to struggle to maintain my believe that I am entitled to be there. And I am really going to have to try really hard not to become the mother hen.

I have put a deposit on a beautiful Arabian mare, she's chestnut and I'm hoping to train her up for endurance and then breed from her. The dream is coming true.

I am seeing a personal trainer twice a week. She used to be the coach/selector for the England Under 16 hockey team. She is tough but fair and she lives across the road so is great motivation.

I am developing muscles that I never knew existed. Especially those side abs. No wonder most of the horsey girls have such great legs and figures.

Kids are great, Phoebe starts school in 8 weeks, my how time has flown.

We are loving and hating the new house at the same time. Lovely to be in brand new home, sunset is to die for, peace and tranquility but I am constantly having to remind Dad to do things for the house, he's so busy that I don't blame him for not having it as a priority but Blair isn't so understanding. Ben has no light, we have no bars in the wardrobes to hang clothes no, no curtains except in bedrooms, fire still not installed, ensuite toilet doesn't work, spa bath not hooked up, the list goes on .......

So Blair wants to move on. I understand this too. It's bloody hard being the one in the middle.

If we move again I would have lived in 37 houses since birth. LOL.

Right, must fly, have to do housework and I really must wipe Sian's bum too.