Monday, November 3, 2008

Have I Broken A Mirror??

My darling left for Brisbane yesterday.

Much emotional blubbing and hugs at the airport.

Before he went he was a bit sick. Ages okay we all had it, about 5 weeks ago. Blair never got over his and we thought his onset of hayfever may be taking over and not allowing him to mend.

On Thursday morning we went to the doctor and he mentioned that he had coughed up a big lump of blood the previous Monday. Our doctor sent him for an urgent chest x ray as he knew Blair was leaving for Aussie on Sunday.

We didn't get any call so we thought things were fine.

Tonight my doctor phoned to say that the x ray showed up a 1.2cm nodule in his left lung and that he will need to go and get further x rays in Brisbane. Blair was a smoker for about 14 years, he gave up over 5 years ago.

Just when we thought we were on the way - what the fuck is the universe sending me?

It just has to be fine, we are finally doing it.

It'll be nothing.