Monday, May 26, 2008

New Job New Outlook

I start on Wednesday.

Office Administrator for the South Island branch of a truck company that makes and services big rigs.

I am starting up the role, no one been there before.

So it's official.

My husband is now a house bitch.

So I will saving hard for the big move, June next year. I so wanted to run and go June 23rd but had to be realistic and not throw my family into turmoil. So we are going next year, a good 12 months to get sorted.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Absolutely Livid

What sort of bloody TV channel amps up a programme for weeks on end?

Then plays a couple of episodes on a Sunday night at 9.30pm.

I am hooked.

Riveting, humourous, hard hitting drama, based on true events no less.

And then after a couple of episodes the fucken idiots go and pull it and put it on at 11.15pm on a Tuesday night??

What the fuck?

I love this show and I can't believe I am going to have to sit up to all hours of the night for this!!

TV3 you are going to lose my patronage if you don't sort your shit out. I don't know about you as a fellow viewer but I am over the reality TV, the neverending crime investigation shows and medical dramas. I was thoroughly enjoying every minute of the fresh new UNDERBELLY and I know of at least 10 people in my close knit group that loved it too. Part of the buzz was that it was based on true events and real characters. And recent events!!

If you too loved this show and want to show your disgust, do what I have done and go to TV3's website and go to the Contact Us section and send them an email saying how pissed off you are. I am really angry, not just using this as blog fodder. I think it's crap to put something on and then pull it like this.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Really, really, really???

Can life be so damn unfair?? Not in a hideous terrible cancer sort of way but the shit that keeps coming my way, or more to the point, Blair's way!

On Thursday morning Blair, who is working for my Dad, decided he'd had enough of Dad's anal ways and had been lectured one too many times on something and decided to tell Dad to fuck off. Dad responded with "fuck off yourself and find a new job" to which Blair replied "sweet, your call" and walked off. Then he phoned me to come pick him up as he has no license - remember?? So that is that.

I have handed in my notice here already but not signed up for the new house yet. So I can't afford the new house and not sure if I have the old one still, half the house is already packed, for once in my fucken disorganised life I was on the ball and packed up really early!! The beds are down, kids are sleeping on mattresses and the only things they have in their rooms are drawers!! The linen cupboard is packed, the pantry is half packed and the kitchen has a only one cupboard unpacked.
The CD's are packed.

I am up in the fucken air.

It is very hard whilst looking at the jobs on the net and in the paper for Blair as they nearly all stipulate "full drivers license". I have applied for a nightfill position at the local supermarket but that won't support a family of 6!! I thought I could go to work fulltime but then Blair would be at home with no transport and four kids to get all over town and we don't have public transport out here, other than what heads into the big city. And it's a bit rough to make the kids walk to school in the zero degrees temps and pouring rain that we are getting at the moment.

Sooo.... What the fuck do you do??

I suggest that we go hard, both get work, me at night, Blair during day and use what little savings we have and use the tickets that are still sitting there rearing to go to Brisbane on the 23rd June and make a new start away from the controlling parents. Love them to bits but they dictate everything in my life, from what haircuts my kids should have to what place we should move to. We could shack up in a self contained cabin for the first couple of months and then we wouldn't have the set up costs to get into a rental. The dog could be left with the dog trainer who we are breeding her through in August and she could take all the puppies as payment??

what ya reckon? Seriously - what are your honest opinions?