Monday, September 19, 2011

Silppers and Socks

Not really a heading that has anything to do with anything but it jumped into my head so there it goes.

My life is getting more and more busy with a thousand and one things always on the To Do List. 

Actually, that makes me think it may be time to write a list on all the things I need to get done.

I have found my blogging journey has changed quite a over the last couple of years.  It used to be my every day thing, had to write, had to dish out my opinions and musings to those who dared listen.  I had to read other's blogs all the time, it was like going to the pub without the beer and singing along to the juke box.  The advent of Fakebook probably had a lot to do with my downturn in literary spoutings.  It's the "instant gratification" buzz of having someone respond so quickly without much effort on my behalf.  Which last night got me thinking - do I even talk to many people at all any more? Do I visit or phone anyone?  When did I last write a bloody letter??  After much thought and self analysis I came to the conclusion that life has taken a bit of a downward spiral in the communication stakes.

I used to pride myself on my use of the English language, my ability to keep in contact with people and my track record of maintaining old friendships.  Now, if you're not on Fakebook or texting me back, then we probably haven't been chewing the fat for a long while.  Even emails seem too much hard work.

So my goal for the next week - amongst catching up on four assignments, getting started on another two, exercising, mothering, farming, learning off of my endurance mentor, cleaning and my Board of Trustees duties - is to write a letter to an old friend and, here's the big challenge, ACTUALLY SEND IT.

I challenge you to do the same, comment and let me know who you are going to write to and why and a bit of the history.  I will give you the same courtesy - I will be writing to the lass who read a reading at my wedding and then proceeded to fall asleep on the toilet at the venue later on in the night and get locked in after everyone had left.  Those are the mates you should never stop communicating with.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Buddha Arse

That's me at the moment. I am sitting at the computer looking at my reflection in the window and I'm looking awfully like a buddha, except there is no gleeful little smile on my dial.

So what has happened in the last four months??

Sian has spent another two nights in hospital, going by ambulance both times for her asthma. The last time was at 2.30am in the morning and when the ambulance finally made it all the way out here her oxygen stats were only 77!! I was very scared - it's a long 45 minute drive from here to Christchurch Hospital and she was on oxygen and ventolin by nebuliser the whole way there with the oxygen stats not even lifting that much...

She seems to have come through the other side of it though and just went through a really bad flu without having to be hospitalised which was a great bonus.

Now she is back at preschool three days a week which is brilliant for me and my study.

I have been very busy with my Naturopathy units and have a couple to get in before I finish Module 1 of 7. Took me a while to get over the fact that I had to redo a lot of the units that I have already passed and have NZQA recognition for but once I got there eventually. Sometimes you just have to let things go....

Anyway, my new motto is:

We can not become what we need to be by remaining what we are - Max Dupree