Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shit Hole Day

I am officially at the end of my fucken tether.

I have had it up to my fucken eyeballs with everyone else's shit.

I really feel like lying down on the floor and crying until I die.

I am in the middle of packing the whole house myself, and cleaning it myself. I find out that Mum and Dad have not gotten around to some things with the new house.

No curtains
No fire installed
No shelves in pantry
No Letter fucken box
No phone line into the property

I know my father and know he is a procrastinator and I also know that he is extremely busy at the moment, working 7 days a week as a consulting engineer. But for fuck's sake, if you are going to ask us to move into your property at least do the flipping basics, so that my husband isn't going to go off his fucken tree at me about the lack of them!!!

And I just keep getting the whole "you are getting a brand new house to rent for a hundred less than you'd get it on the market". Yes, I know but I also have to put up with my parents as landlord's and I also have to put up with the "rules" and I also have to put up with all the day to day shit of living in your property so get the fuck over yourself and sort it out.

I have two days left, Blair is away until Friday night with work, Phoebe has glandular fever so the girls can't go to preschool on their allocated days, I have two toddlers in my flipping face and I can't get a fucken thing done.

I have the most intense feeling of depression I've had for a while. And all this comes after the weekend from hell with Blair and I on verge of separating with issues beyond us.

I need alcohol I.V. administered STAT