Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Plate is Full

I have so much going on.

Blair is off to Brisbane next Sunday to find work. He is staying with my brother and hopefully has a couple of leads to start him working.

I am stoked but also very apprehensive about it.

Blair is my best friend, my soul mate, my business partner in raising our kids.

We have never been apart more than four nights in our ten years together.

He will come home for Christmas and then go back, find a house and a car etc and then we will head over end of March after my best mate's wedding.

I really want to go straight to the Sunshine Coast but as he has the contacts in Brisbane we may have to settle there first.

(Anyone know of any carpenter positions in the Maroochydore area???)


My sister had her MRI, the results came back "nothing sinister" and then five days later she was phoned to come back and have an ultrasound because there was a growth on her right thyroid. She went for that on Thursday, got a student who did a crap job (including telling her that everything looked fine to her and she didn't even know why they'd bothered to ask her back!!). Then the Radiologist phoned her back the next day and said that the student had done a crap job and that she needed to come back on Tuesday morning, have it done properly by himself and he would be performing a biopsy then and there if he sees anything on her thyroid. I couldn't believe it. That is one of the first things you know as a student of anything, you don't give any prognosis or diagnosis, especially during the ultrasound. You wait for a professional to lood over the results. She's scared but optimistic.


Work has been shite.

There are things happening in the upper ranks with the boss from up north and his shit face wife. Looks like they are staging a take over of the company and that is going to suck arse.

Update later


I graduated from counselling.

I have come a long long way in my self esteem and I am coping with things on a whole new level. My outlook on things has improved beyond sight.

Summary to follow


Monday, October 6, 2008

The Life and Times of a Paperclip

Ever wondered where a paperclip has been?

All of you that work with paperwork must, at some point in the working week, use a paperclip.

You buy them by the little plastic bag full.

They are shiny and new in your paperclip holder.

You attach one to a cheque.

You send that cheque to a creditor.

The creditor then puts it in their paperclip holder.

And so on.

Some get unbent and used to clean out nails.

Used as tooth picks.

Others travel and travel, may end up in a bank.

Where is the final resting place of a paperclip or is it destined to travel the world forever?

Some literally will travel from country to country.

I would love to microchip one and see where it goes in winter.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How to Manage Stress

Remember that it takes 48 muscles to frown and only 5 to slap the crap out of someone!!

One of my biggest ailments in stress.

It plays havoc with my health, my emotional wellbeing and my weight.

I have many daily stresses and they are big ones.

My counsellor pointed out to me last night that she has one major stress at the moment that she is dealing with. I am dealing with at least 8 and I have to do something about it and quickly - or die. Seriously, it is that grim.

I am currently working through ways to limit the stress.

You can help.

Give me your ideas about possible solutions. Pick one from the list, two, or all of them if you're keen.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

My Current Stress List:

1. Wife of Big Boss, lives up north, controls all of the accounts, constantly fucks up, gets stressed at me for not doing things her way and then I have to redo things correctly later on. She will not talk to me on the phone, will only email.

2. Workshop administrator leaves tomorrow, I will be doing two jobs for at least a month.

3. Blair gets his license back in 8 weeks. We will get through Xmas and then have to get him back to work. Then have the stress of childcare, along with the cost and for how long?

4. Getting to Aussie, we need to get there, do we send Blair to work here and save slowly and get nowhere fast or do we do it hard in the New Year, send him to Aussie say February to get a job and then we get there a lot sooner?

5. Sister, can I please have some advice on how to stop worrying about the MRI results that she doesn't get until Oct 6th?

6. Finances, struggling to get by on our one wage, really struggling.

7. Kids, they are missing me hugely. Ben especially. It's hard!!