Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Path Twists Again

Just when you think you are on the right road, the destination in sight, again with the bloody roadworks, the detour, the path twists again.

The last week has been a reality check for me. I had started to live the dream rather than take the steps towards achieving the dream. Someone wise once said it's not about the destination, it's the journey. Or something along those lines.

I have withdrawn from my equine course. The childcare costs were going to be along the lines of $300 a week. The end dream is my own stud farm so it makes more sense to be saving that money towards the dangling carrot of land rather than swanning around at a course where, to be fair, I would have a shit load of fun riding etc but a lot of the content was pretty damn basic. Could pick it up volunteering at a local stud even ........

Where does this leave me?

Firstly, huge falling out with Dad, inevitable, so currently looking for another rental to tide us over until we get together the required deposit, which incidentally is nearly 50% of the purchase price of land. Yup, you need $100,000 deposit to buy a $200,000 10 acre block these days. For fucks sake!!!!!

Options are being tossed around so we won't give up hope.

House and land packages are an option but seems like a pain in the anus to have to pay some other wanker to build us a house when Blair is a qualified builder......

What the hell have you all been up to??