Monday, April 20, 2009

Keeping Our Wall Strong

My darling husband and I had the best ever weekend.

We went out for dinner on Friday night to a Thai restaurant with a large group of friends, meaning there were quite a few of us, not that we were all big boned.

After dinner we headed to Fat Eddies, a bar based on the New York Jazz scene in SOL Square:

We danced and drunk cocktails and shooters until around 2.30am. My favourite being the Moscow Mules, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Then we headed to our hotel.

Yes, hotel.

As we live about 30km out of the city centre we decided that we would splash out and stay at Hotel So, a funky new, hi tech, hotel with great prices.

If you can be bothered going there, This was what our room was like.

In the morning, after some hotel type shananigans, we went to Java for brekkie.

and best of all??? No hangover!!

Just a great weekend full of hand holding, random kisses, expressions of love and little looks. Sometimes these weekends are few and far between but they are the cement in the slowly constructed, heritage stone wall that is marriage.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How far is too far???

The new trendy world.

Well, not so new anymore but the way it's been heading for the last couple of decades.

We all laugh at the emails that are sent every couple of months joking about anything from political correctness to "remember when we could climb trees and stay out till dark".

But should we be laughing??

Is it time to say enough?

Because I sure as hell have had enough. You can't fart without filling in an incident form. Our children are suffering. I have a huge desire to get onto a farm, have the kids grow up rurally. Not so much for the fresh country air, that would be a bonus, but it's the lifestyle that we had as kids. The running around in safety. Sorting your own shit out, sorting out arguments with other kids because there was no anxious mother hovering around waiting with a phrase on treating each other nicely, straight out of a "childhood pyschology" book.

We joke about the role of men and women. We joke and we joke and we joke.

But things seem to be tipping the scale. There is no respect anymore. High school kids in Hamilton recently staged a sit in at school protesting that they weren't on the decision committee for the new staff at the school. What the fuck??? No you weren't, because it's none of your bloody business, get back into class, pull your baggy arse pants up, tuck your shirt in, wipe the copious amounts of makeup off your face and sit down and do some fucken school work. And if you don't you will be in detention. And it will do you no harm to learn consequence.

I have a friend who has recently split up with her husband. He is a psycho. He demanded she give him six blow jobs before he would consider trying for a second child. He demanded they have anal sex before he would try for a first. He raged and abused the midwifes at the hospital because she was sent home a day early and he had plans to go out that night and didn't want her at home. So he wouldn't talk to her when she left the hospital, dropped her at their little shack in the country (and I mean shack, they were living in a shed while their house was being built, toileting in a bucket full of sawdust) and went out on the town, leaving her alone in the shed with her newborn. He is an absolute shit. He has threatened to run her over since they split and she has a protection order against him. He keeps harassing the lawyer for their child and has demanded the boy three times a week. The court date keeps getting postponed. Meanwhile he keeps turning up where he shouldn't, one day I had to pick the wee one up as her parents were out of town and she can't see him and he refused to hand him over to me. Police had to come. Now the court is threatening to make the boy a ward of the state if they can't come to a compromise and start communicating. Woman's refuge are outraged. The police have rated him as a serious threat to her life. Why should someone who left a relationship because of abuse have to communicate with a psycho who has threatened her life? Because society is so concerned with giving everyone a fair go that safety of child is overlooked time and time again. This man is supposed to not know where she has moved to but has stalked her and found out, tonight he drove past her house a couple of times, no reason for that, she lives in a dead end street.

What has happened to values, respect, accountability?

What has happened to the basis of our communities?

I am a bit fucken over it.

What are your thoughts??

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't You Just Hate ....

..... that aunty that arrives unannounced with the worst timing ever??

You know the one, she calls in about once a month, you usually have her arrival timed quite methodically. For some reason a pimple or two, along with itchy inner ears, alerts me to her impending arrival.

But today it really did fuck me off when she arrived.

You see, my darling husband has been away all of last week, all of this week and it had been a good half week before his first departure that we'd had marital affairs.

I am gagging for a good one on one with my man.

And then, no less than 20 minutes after he arrived home, the bitch arrived, waving her hand at me throught the sliding door.

"Woohoo, it's me, I'm here to stay for a couple of days, who knows when I'll be off, and you know dear, just when you think I'm gone, I'll scare the bejebus out of you by popping back up at the kitchen window, even if all the indicators are that I left the day before".

Fucken bitch.

I'm going to need alcohol (although, for some unexplained reason, I seem to get off face much easier when she's staying).

So my rodgering is out of the question until at least next weekend.

****walks away sobbing****

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Whom I Be Rolling With #2

If you want to recall the categories, check out Whom I Be Rolling With #1

My current Mod Con is Mapstew, a forty-something dude with a style of writing that I really like. He came to my blog via a comment I had left on someone else's blog. That someone else was on the updated feeds thingy-me-bob on the side of my darling pal Spiky's blog and their blog title for that day caught my eye, it was about how too many people put other people in boxes.. Just goes to show that this crazy little world of blog can lead you to like minded souls all over the world. Love it!!

My Faithfuls, as always, there are so many of you but one stands out to me, especially this week. My darling pal over at Biker Tart Gettin Sexy. She's not the most regular poster but she rocks. She is a diamond in the rough and we have been pals for nearly five years now, if not longer. She has a mouth on her like a trucker but that is part of what I love.

The Antique of this post is my quirky brilliant pal Zara at Yo Heave Ho. She has been MIA for nearly 2 years now but I still hold out for her return - as I dearly love her sense of humour. We are kindred souls and she sends me cards out of the blue all the way from the other side of the world. She has a great way of telling a yarn and you can see yourself right there in the thick of it. She really was a great blogger, come back ye olde tart!!

And hiding in my Secret Drawer is the darling Jo at Creating Wellness. We became pals a couple of years back and she has turned out to be one of my closest friends. We can discuss anything from sperm to cervical vertebrae and it is always an enjoyable yarn. She keeps me grounded and focused on my future as a natural health genius and I just give her suggestions for names for her future offspring. We have met in person, I have her art hanging in my bedroom and we are catching up again soon. I can't wait.


Monday, April 6, 2009

The Greatest Weekend

Be warned that there are many photos in the post!!

My third spawn turned 4 today.

As her Dad is away today we had an extra special weekend of doing stuff that she wanted to do.

We started early with a trip to McDonalds for breakfast, gluten free Banana Berry Smoothies and hash browns.

Off into the big bad city where we went into the Cathedral and climbed up the tower, 134 or so steps!! It was high, I had a bit of vertigo I'm sure.

When we came down we pottered around the square looking at the little market stalls, when all of a sudden, at 1pm, a heap of people ran together out of nowhere and started having a pillow fight:

Then we went and got Phoebe's ears pierced. Now this was Blair's idea, I didn't get my ears pierced till I was 14 and Peta, our eldest, didn't have hers done till her 9th birthday, but Phoebe wanted them and she was tough as!!

After a day of malls and pottering we came home and then headed out again to see my sister's new house. Swanky with the coolest Caper Green ensuite bathroom.

Sunday we decided to head over to Motukarara and go to the races. It was a great afternoon, free entry, bouncy castles, free merry go round thingy, and free pony rides:

When we got home we had a lovely dinner with "wine" (grape juice).

It topped off an absolute blast of a weekend.