Saturday, January 9, 2010

And The Teenies Begin ...

Firstly, I'd like to say that the Teenies sounds as bloody stupid as the Noughties.

My absence has been noted by many and that is a nice thing. When I finally got the blooming internet on here we were informed that we are too far out for broadband and we are currently having to deal with dial up internet. Seriously, in 2010 we are having to operate on a system that's current speed is maxing out at 31.2 kbps. Seriously. You may now understand my lack of updates because it's a bloody time sapper to even get a post loaded. It has curbed my internet addiction and paved the way for my life to be a bit more active and involved.

I have had some fucken ups and downs, when don't I?
When don't we all? I am learning that life is just that. If it runs too smoothly then you aren't really living, right?

I start my course in about 8 weeks and have a busy schedule of increased time in the saddle leading up to the 8th of March. The body is taking a pummeling. Fell off just before Christmas, which was a good confidence booster, silly as that may sound, it made me realise I can still fall off and get up again.

My dear husband has been away working in Auckland since 26th Dec and is not back until the 18th Jan. Solo parenting four kids is hard. I won't lie. Usually I take it in my stride but when it's day after day with no break, you start to appreciate what input the other half contributes to family life.

Phoebe has sailed through Glandular Fever relatively unscathed. Sian has proven she has an allergy to grass with quite severe reactions when she walked out into the large paddock just before the hay was cut.

Peta, Ben and I went to a great wedding last Sunday up country. Was nice and relaxed and fun was had by all, although a wedding is definitely time to notice the absence of your husband.

I will be around. Not as often with the current state of internet, seeing as it takes about 5 minutes for one of your blog pages to load onto my fucken screen, I will read when I can.