Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: The Summary

Firstly, what a fast year!!!

- Had bad fall after around 4 riding sessions a week where I developed abs and my seat back again. Started with a personal trainer.

- Pulled out of my equine course days before the start date due to exorbidant childcare costs.

- Blair's Mum had a heart attack and died three days later, horrific time watching someone slowly die. Family arguments afterwards resulted in Blair not talking to any of his family since April.

- All the kids had whooping cough. Sian ended up in hospital with complications and pneumonia.

- Signed up for a house in Oxford with ten acres and full dressage arena, stables and round pen. Pulled out when we couldn't leave our little community.

- Struggled back and forth with indecision over whether to go back to tertiary professional level study, try for Equine course again, find a job or just chill. Got offered part time unpaid work with local Endurance legend and her team of horses. Have learnt so much in three months. Horses make my soul sing.

- Found a house, signed up for 2 years and now feel more settled location-wise than ever. Still up in the air over the study/career path thingy.

- It's been a tough end to the year, I have more animals than I can throw a stick at and there has been plenty of marital unrest.



Tania said...

Wow - it has been a tough year for you! But a New Year brings new beginnings and it definitely sounds like you have found what you're meant to be doing!

My baby girl was hospitalised with pneumonia (and suspected swine flu) when she was 1 year old - it's scary stuff - glad all worked out ok in the end.

Happy New Year Jules - look forward to keeping tabs on what you're up to in 2011 - your blog was one of a few that always brings a smile to my face!

savannah said...

wow! you really did have a year, sugar! seems as if 2010 was everybody's tough row to hoe! 2011 has GOT to be better! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hello my lovely friend
2011 is going to be amazing for us.
Thank you for your friendship and love and support in 2010, you wonderful lady!!!

Ute said...

Welcome back Jules!

2010 sucked hairy dogs balls. Here's hoping that '11 is gonna be YOUR year!!! :oD


Tully said...

Happy New Year and great to see you blogging again! I hope 2011 brings more of the good stuff and less of the bad for you and the family. I'm looking forward to following you in 2011! :-)

Middle Child said...

And you are on the right side of the grass - thats always a plus

Tracy said...

This is going to be your year :-)

z said...

Thank you for the summary, but it is no excuse for ignoring my last email. Don't you know it's all about ME? Have I taught you nothing??
Sh*t, seriously, I am genuinely sorry for the illness and tragedy you and Blair experienced in your famlilies (and yourselves0 in 2010. If you feel like emailing, I am here, as always. You can move to the US and become my lover if things don't work out with Blair. ;) (again, seriously, email me! Why doesn't he see how awesome you are?) Love you! Zara

Liou said...