Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reflections of ...

the way life used to be...

I have just spent the last hour reading over old posts back in October 2009. LOL.

Why?? Why, again I hear you ask??

I was trying to find out when I had given up on my Naturopathy.

Because lately I miss it, I miss the study, I miss the great things I learnt and I think, most of all, I miss the fact that I was on my way to a qualification.

I have spent so much of the last year pondering what I should and shouldn't be studying, working as, learning etc. I love the horses, but reality is that horses cost money so in order for one to enjoy their time with their horses one needs to be realistic and have an income to support their hobby.

I have looked at going back into office work but it frankly doesn't appeal. I have four kids, as you all know, and being there after school and on the odd school trip etc is important to me. So I need a flexible source of potential income.

I have the desire to help people in need. I have a great love of the natural and the human body and it's function.

The naturopathy fits.

I have contacted the college to see if they'll let me back in.

If they won't then the universe has shown me the big two finger salute in that aspect and I will look elsewhere for inspiration - hairdressing? LOL.

If they do, the universe has shown me the way back to a goal that has been with me for years.

I feel in a much better state to be studying, the kids are all a bit older, school is just around the corner, Sian is in preschool three days a week, the meds I am on for the depression are amazing and I have been really solid, even through a rough Christmas. I am ready for what is coming my way.


Lynda said...

So much nicer to hear you so positive about everything! It is just so marvelous to hear you actually enjoying life and looking forward! I wish you the very best in whatever career the universe offers you :)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

you are capable of wonderful things. it's in your hands...visualize it...see it and do it. Don't let set backs hold you back...

kick ass sweetie. xxx

AlleyCat said...

Glad the meds are working for you!!! I'm crossing all my bits they let you back in.........

Come on Universe!!!!!


Middle Child said...

So pleased to hear that - hopefully they will take you back if you smile sweetly!