Monday, September 19, 2011

Silppers and Socks

Not really a heading that has anything to do with anything but it jumped into my head so there it goes.

My life is getting more and more busy with a thousand and one things always on the To Do List. 

Actually, that makes me think it may be time to write a list on all the things I need to get done.

I have found my blogging journey has changed quite a over the last couple of years.  It used to be my every day thing, had to write, had to dish out my opinions and musings to those who dared listen.  I had to read other's blogs all the time, it was like going to the pub without the beer and singing along to the juke box.  The advent of Fakebook probably had a lot to do with my downturn in literary spoutings.  It's the "instant gratification" buzz of having someone respond so quickly without much effort on my behalf.  Which last night got me thinking - do I even talk to many people at all any more? Do I visit or phone anyone?  When did I last write a bloody letter??  After much thought and self analysis I came to the conclusion that life has taken a bit of a downward spiral in the communication stakes.

I used to pride myself on my use of the English language, my ability to keep in contact with people and my track record of maintaining old friendships.  Now, if you're not on Fakebook or texting me back, then we probably haven't been chewing the fat for a long while.  Even emails seem too much hard work.

So my goal for the next week - amongst catching up on four assignments, getting started on another two, exercising, mothering, farming, learning off of my endurance mentor, cleaning and my Board of Trustees duties - is to write a letter to an old friend and, here's the big challenge, ACTUALLY SEND IT.

I challenge you to do the same, comment and let me know who you are going to write to and why and a bit of the history.  I will give you the same courtesy - I will be writing to the lass who read a reading at my wedding and then proceeded to fall asleep on the toilet at the venue later on in the night and get locked in after everyone had left.  Those are the mates you should never stop communicating with.


Epic Fail said...

I haven't written a letter by hand in so long that I can't even remember who the last one might've gone to. But I know how you feel with all the different people to try to keep up with. Its hard to do.

Jayne said...

I recently wrote a letter, aimed at my brother, but more to myself. I did what you suggested months ago Jules & knocked out over 4000 words in a couple of hours. It was the tip of the iceberg, but hell it felt good.
I totally forgot about saving a draft on my laptop (it was done on my desktop) & as a result, it has now gone into storage, along with the rest of my household stuff (again). I'm off to another country (again) & I swear this'll be the last time.

Take care Jules, look after yourself darlin' & that beautiful family of yours :-)


Epic Fail said...

I keep noticing your post title in my sidebar blogroll. "Silppers and Socks" catches my eyes because you misspelled 'slippers' and I don't know whether you meant to or not.

Me said...

YAY - I found you again !!!!! I have started blogging again and am happy to find you.
I need to write a letter to my aunt and my uncle's (passed away) wife - they both should be brought up to date on what the family has been up to - thanks for the nudge !!!
Take care and don't be a stranger.

softearthart said...

I find that, at times, I need to let the computer go, and concentrate on just living in the real world and not the www one. cheers Marie

Paula said...

I must admit I love receiving good old fashioned letters in the mail - and am much more likely to sit down and read them fully, than an email. Thankfully I have an elderly penfriend in the States who isn't internet savvy so she keeps me on my toes with letter writing - even if only twice a year! I hope you got your letter written :)

Irish Daughter said...

Awww. Lovely to have you back Jules. Funnily enough, I have been thinking this very week of writing to my old pen friend again. Have written to her a couple of times in the last few years but feck knows where the letters are now. I am sure she is alive because I would have heard and still be in mourning but my old true blue ozzie Eileen must be kicking 90 now. I worked with her in Billy the Pigs Bar in Bondi Junction. The best bar maid (lady) I have ever had the honour to work with. We have the same bar standards and the same punter tolerability. I'm beginning to quote her so much these days "I can't stand people, I just like plants and animals". Thank you for the challenge. Not sure what to say but Dear Eileen, will be a start. I look forward to hearing that your letter has been posted too. XXXX

Middle Child said...

Are you still about Jules

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Kristina Koutsouvilis said...

I had that exact same realization just over a month ago. All communication is instant gratification. That's when I sat down and wrote, not typed, a letter to my grandparents a thousand miles away.

Spiky Zora Jones said... should keep blogging to add some class to the blogsphere.
just saying. :)

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