Sunday, May 11, 2008

Absolutely Livid

What sort of bloody TV channel amps up a programme for weeks on end?

Then plays a couple of episodes on a Sunday night at 9.30pm.

I am hooked.

Riveting, humourous, hard hitting drama, based on true events no less.

And then after a couple of episodes the fucken idiots go and pull it and put it on at 11.15pm on a Tuesday night??

What the fuck?

I love this show and I can't believe I am going to have to sit up to all hours of the night for this!!

TV3 you are going to lose my patronage if you don't sort your shit out. I don't know about you as a fellow viewer but I am over the reality TV, the neverending crime investigation shows and medical dramas. I was thoroughly enjoying every minute of the fresh new UNDERBELLY and I know of at least 10 people in my close knit group that loved it too. Part of the buzz was that it was based on true events and real characters. And recent events!!

If you too loved this show and want to show your disgust, do what I have done and go to TV3's website and go to the Contact Us section and send them an email saying how pissed off you are. I am really angry, not just using this as blog fodder. I think it's crap to put something on and then pull it like this.


Linda said...

Hey Jules - hope you had a great Mother's Day.

Imagine how we feel in Melbourne! Because of a current courtcase involving a couple of the crims 'lucky' enough to still be alive the courts banned it from being aired in Victoria altogether so we've been forced to watch burnt copies which in some bits of the show are still in post production so we have some silent moments or different voices doing the voice overs. Even subtitles..

It is such an addictive series and they filmed all the restaurant scenes around the corner from my work every Monday.. It even made news here that NZ wasn't a fan of the series.

kathrynoh said...

Download it and bugger the networks.

Chris H said...

Bummer about the show, it must have lots of evil content to be on so late? Hope you had a good Mothers Day mate.

Miss Beck said...

Further to what Linda said, it's been released on DVD now (maybe that's your solution?) but it's only available to EVERY other state in Australia, not Victoria. Boooo

Kitty said...

true it isn't shown in Pricktoria due to courts and laws and things, but i seen it.

everyone has. on illegally burnt dvds.

it's rolly rolly good!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

What is Underbelly? LMAO, look, we aint allowed to even view the shit in our own state where it all happened..what a friggin joke!
Of course, us mum's want to see stuff like this because it is drama and has some hot actors in it..and well, who can stay up after 9pm on a weeknight when you've got kids to get up to and organise like a bloody army? LMAO

Tracy said...

Just been to the TV3 website & let them know they are idiots!!!!!

What is even more stupid is that they did pull it after a couple of nights & then because of the public complaints, they put it back on.

Middle Child said...

I was hooked on it too. here in NSW it was on at 8.30 pm... but guess what they are going to make a prequel (before) we get more... I have to admit to being a Sopranos fan and all of that...but Underbelly was excellent...who was the killjoy at your TV station???

hawkeye23 said...

We got all episodes from secret underground sources. We heart it very much. Download it, Jules.

Friday said...

Oh my freakin gawd... am i the only tard on the entire planet that hasnt seen Underbelly?? I lives in Melbourne. And i am.not.happy.

Anne said...

Meanwhile - what are you guys up to!!!?? Oz or NZ?

Steph said...

You know I made an absolute killing shipping those DVD's over the border. Muahahahaha!

Re your last post- Come to Oz. You need a change and to jump start some good luck.

Middle Child said...

Yohave been tagged Jules...see my blog

Anonymous said...

yeah - i heard it was awesome. We don't get ch 9 so i have to go and search for the series. It has been releasedon DVD though - no commercials - nice!