Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Hard to Be Grumpy ....

In the Country.

I am sure that you are all going to fast tire of my love for the country. I don't really give a shit if you do or not. I LOVE IT.

Yes I love it when I'm sick.

Yes I love it when I'm a chick.

Yes I love it ......

Damn it, was going along the lines of Green Eggs and Ham but just don't have the brain cells to pull it off, being sick and all. Sad.

I am into this new TV show called The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show - it's presented (and I take it written) by a clinical psychologist that is quite well known in New Zealand. It is refreshingly open, honest, logically and doesn't pull any punches. It's byline is "a new school look at old school principles". I like it!! And surprisingly, hubby does too. Wonders will, in fact, never cease.

Today I tried the eating principles. Basically the guy talked about how when a human is hungry a human will eat, if a human gets hungry enough. Parents that don't like the fact their kids won't eat vegetables need to stop giving them alternatives. Etc etc etc. I put it to the test this morning. Phoebe is a shocker for deciding she doesn't like foods anymore and Sian is a shocker for eating her breakfast. So, when they inevitably didn't eat their breakfasts I said "That's fine but you will be eating them for morning tea, and if not, then lunch and so on until you have eaten them". Phoebe eyed me up cautiously, her expression read "She's so full of crap, she says this all the time". By 10am Phoebe had clued up to the fact that I, in fact, was not joking, I was FOLLOWING THROUGH. Sian, bless, took a little longer to clue up. Let's just say that she drunk her soggy cereal and milk at 3pm and that was all she had eaten for the day. But still, it worked.

Now I'm going to use the sleep thing tonight and see if the little firecrackers may just stay in their damn beds and allow me to have some marital relations. (That is a bit of a joke as I am sick so that's not likely to happen - but it could in other health circumstances.... really, it could).


Chris H said...

Firstly, it has to be said I do not find it hard to be grumpy!

And yes, I totally agree with the old fashioned: "You eat it now or you get it for lunch/dinner whatever ... until you eat it you starve" ... that is my way too!
And being consistent is another thing I abide by... I say no about something now, I also mean no later!
Hope you are feeling better soon...

kathrynoh said...

My mum gets really snarky when ppl give their kids a choice about meals when there really is none - you know the mum is like "do you want some yummy vegies for dinner?" and naturally the kid says NO! Then the mum gets all coaxing about it.

I can see her point. Why give someone a choice if there is none?

mapstew said...

Hey, hope you're feeling better soon.

I hear you are all a foot closer to Oz!

m said...

Hey! You are back! Awesome.

Apple2Hourglass said...

I love this new school old principals thing. What's the sleep tactic? Tell me EVERYTHING! LOL
Hope you get better soon lovely, hey if you see that bloody Aunty of ours, can you send her over to me - if she doesn't get here soon i''m going to be in a huge amount of strife :o(

Epskee said...

Im with Apple2Hourglass - how do you get the little turds to stay in their beds?

I soooo want that show!

Middle Child said...

Don was great that way...he would stay at the table with the kids till they finished or put in a damn good show...but they never liked Brussel Sprouts...and trying to figure out how to trick Don and I was good for their sisterly bonding...we won some and we didn't know till years later they won some as well...good for the spirit