Thursday, November 11, 2010

New House New Beginnings

It's happened - finally!!

I have a new place to live.

It's huge and it's less than ten years old, on ten acres of which we can use every little bit.

Loving it, views right out to Christchurch City and the Port Hills in the distance, magical views at night.

Views of the mountains which are nice and close.

Only 800m from the kids' school.

Have eight bedrooms plus a full sized office, four bathrooms and four car garage and all for only $350 a week.

Have set up a playroom for the girls and a gym/excercise room.

Start a new job (unpaid) on Monday morning for a couple of mornings a week with one of NZ's top endurance riders and breeders. She offered me to come learn with her and I am jumping at the chance. All is good.

Have had sad news this week, a friend's ex husband committed suicide on Monday. He left behind a near 4 year old and a bitter divorce battle. RIP CB!!



Lee-Anne said...

Wow that sounds absolutely awesome. What's more you sound so positive.

Welcome back girl - you've been quiet for too long.

Cinders said...

The house and job sound fantastic. Glad to hear you sounding so happy :)

Anonymous said...

good to hear all is ok... best of luck

Jules said...

Hi guys, good to see someone still reads. LOL

Ute said...

Welcome back chick!

Holy shit, "8 bedrooms.." Jaysus!

Congrats on the new job too mate... awesomene news. ;o)

Very sorry for your and your friends loss. xox

Jayne said...

Hey Jules, nice to see you blogging again :-)
The new spot sounds awesome - so much space! (You'll be able to scream in complete freedom should the need arise - LOL)
All the best with the new job, even if it is unpaid!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad you are back into it... I do come and check every so often!! It sounds absolutely awesome with the new house and like you said, a new start. Perfect place to be.

Best of luck.

Kate (

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi honey: Long time no talk. It is sweet and bitter new.

I love that you have a fantastic house tolive in. And at 350 a month...fabulous.

sorry to hearbout the suicide. My uncle did that a little ove a year ago too. it was hard to figure out why?

it's nice to have you back.

later honey xxx

Tracy said...

The house sounds fabulous and you get to spend time doing what you love.

I hope you were not too affected by the earthquake :-)

Zanna said...

Been an on again off again lurker for a long long time - so happy to hear that things might finally be working out for you Zxx

Sue said...

EIGHT?!?! Good grief, woman.

Chris H said...

Awesome news about the house.
So terrribly sad about CB. poor bloke.

Hippygal said...

Awesome news about the house am so pleased for you and sounds perfect :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow Jules, the house and job sound amazing!!! Sorry to hear about your friends husband.

AlleyCat said...

Yes - welcome back :0)

Congrats on the new house - may it be awesomely blessed with you & yours in it & may it rock!!!

Awesome news on the new job!!!!!!!!!

so sorry to hear about CB. Too many too soon. Heart goes out to the ones he's left behind.


Middle Child said...

Welcome back Jules - so pleased about the house - you sure deserve some sorry about the friend who committed suicide

Tania said...

Sounds like a fantastic new beginning for you - wishing you and your family all the best!