Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Decade of Disease

I have been diseased for a decade.

On 4th of November 2000 I weighed 91.5 kg.

From then on I only got heavier.

Today is the 7th of September 2010 and I weigh around 106 kg.

I refuse to enter my next decade of life obese.

So I declare that by 4th November 2010 I will be under 91.5kg again and start my next ten years of life in a healthier state.

That is all.


Chris H said...

You go for it babe, I know you can do it. {{{HUGS}}}

Hayley said...

Go Jules go! You can do it babe! xx

Tracy said...

As long as you are happy, that is what is important.

FREEDOM said...

great to see u posting again Jules thought we had lost u in that black hole for a while..shit I know how deep depression can drag you good for you digging your way back to the light
You go girl...if u ever wanta catch up for a cuppa I am usually free


CannibalisticJudas said...

It's all about the cardio, start runnin a few miles a day every other day, and it will do more work than any amount of sit ups and all that fun stuff. Spin cycles are really good too.

Cazzie!!! said...

Jules.. kick arse woman... I will barrack for you all the way!


Good for you! The mental blog to losing weight is the hardest obstacle.

If you believe you can,you can.



*block *blushes*

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Memphis Steve said...

I hope that you maintain your mental focus and succeed. And blog some more. Where are you??