Friday, November 30, 2007

Whom I Be Loving #2

Cheryl West

Ok, technically she is a character and not a real person, although I do be loving the actress Robyn Malcolm too.

Cheryl is the hard arse mother in Outrageous Fortune, a classic kiwi series, which I do think you can see in Aussie now too. She is passionate, individual, determined, loves her misfit kids (Pascall the rooter, Jethro the scheming lawyer, Van the wastrel and Loretta the smart arse know it all who is currently pregnant and looking at selling her baby to the highest bidder!!). She stands by her man, she wheels and deals and she knows how to kick arse. She is so white trashy that I love her to bits.

She has a deviate estranged husband who has been in and out of jail for all of their married life, Wolf:

He fucked up too many times so she eventually fell into the arms of another, ironically the policeman that kept busting her family of their petty crimes:

And now someone else seems to be interested in her, Gary:

She has a fucken cool image with her leopard prints and high heels.

She knows how to party.

But most of all, she is real, like every character on this programme. As I grew up I have met the real life equivalent of nearly every one of the Outrageous Fortune characters. They smoke, drink heaps, smoke pot occassionally, love bbq's, cry, laugh, love, root (continuously on the show!!), scheme, fail, suceed. They swear, they get fucked over, they get the odd bonus in life that keeps them going. And Cheryl is the glue that keeps them altogether.

Love ya Chez.


Lynda said...

Oh no... I've never ever seen that program! It just doesn't register on my radar of must sees... apparently my brother-in-law and niece are extras on that show. Oh and no, I'm not buying bras yet... just one. For the rest I'm happy to wait :)

Lyn said...

Thanks so much for posting about this program. I've seen it win so many awards and always wanted to get into watching it but by never knowing the background story it was a bit hard to start part way through. Now I'll be able to watch it knowing what it's about!

sandie_bee said...

I love the show too!!
I am a westie, I nearly brought the leopard skin bar to prove it, but didn't cause that was just too cliche :o)
We quite happily tell people that it is not a show but a documentary, I swear to god they base it on my neighbors and the people from the club. :o)

Whoever I want to be said...

Love the program to have series 1 and 2 on DVD. Well worth seeing :)


Chris H said...

I usually decide to not watch NZ shows cos I kinda hate them but this one!!!!@ I LOVE IT!!! Stuff Shortland Street ( which I have never watched), this one is the best!!!!

Linda said...

Thanks chick, yep I have been qualified since 2006... time flies

Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

I love that show!! its got some cute aussie actors Wolf and Gary!!

I think we are a bit behind! its on tonight after biggest looser!

its about to start on foxtel as well!!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Ohhhhh sounds like my sort of show... damn I could cast in that one!!!

Jules said...

Lynda: Glad to hear bout the over shoulder boulder holders.

Lyn: You so would love it!!!

Sandi Bee: I've heard that re the doco thing!! LOL. We grew up that way too as my old man worked for the NZED and we lived under powerlines near a substation and everyone who worked together lived next door to each other and it was a fucken great childhood.

Jaxx: Knew you would be into it, am off to buy the DVD series today!!

Chris H: Yeah, Shorties sucks arse now, too many kids in it.

Linda: Shit, time does fly!!

Steph LC: Hate to tell you but Aaron Jeffrey's (Gary) is actually a kiwi!!

Wanna: You could be Cheryl's long lost twin sister.

Name: Lynise said...

Hi ya,
I tried to watch O/F once, but have to admit that after 15mins of raw sleeze I just couldn't cope with how trashy it was.
Maybe I didn't give it a fair chance!, or perhaps its because I'm wired for doco's and can't handle anything that remotely resembles a soap opera. Maybe I should give it another chance. I like Robyn as an actress to but she wasn't in the 15mins I watched so should probably try a few episodes and see what I think again.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I havent got foxtel.....

Em said...

HA!!! I have just discovered this show and I love it!!!! Is it an older show though or still in production?
Cheryl is the best one in it!!!!!!


(we get in in queensland on a sunday night at 10.30pm)

Anonymous said...

OH! that was advertised on foxtel over here, damn I forgot to watch the first show! I wanted to watch it, it looks bloody brilliant.

I'll seek out the tv guide.........

Jules said...

Lynise: It can be trashy in points but you have to see it in the context, I don't mind trashy but I can imagine if that was the only part you saw that it would appear full of nothing.

Wanna: I'm sure you can get it on another station. Look it up.

Em: We are nearly ending up Series 3 here and I'm sure they'll do another series as it took out all the awards this year.

Betty: Oh, you'd love it!!

Steph said...

Watched the first episode, it's really good.
We have heaps of kiwi reality tv style shows here. Police 10/7 and worlds worst neighbours or something like that.

Your cops are soooooo much more lenient than ours. True!

Cazzie!!! said...

Outrageous Fotune..I sooo loved that flick!!!

Tania said...

Damn it! Sounds like a cool show and I find out about it only weeks after getting rid of Foxtel ... lol

Miss Beck said...

I love it now too. Where can I watch it I wonder.

Middle Child said...

have to watch out for it.

Jadey 0:-) said...

I've just discovered this show. It's on late at night here in Oz. How many series in are you and is there a dvd set?