Sunday, December 30, 2007

Auf Wiedersehen 2007

So, as New Years Eve approaches I thought I would recap on my year.

moved out of Christchurch to Rangiora.
all kids had chicken pox except Sian
bits started to prolapse
had double banger weekend on the turps (this is a rare occurence hence the mention)
youngest brother moved to Perth with his girlfriend
started March with a nervous breakdown
medicated up I took a look at life
found out Phoebe and myself were gluten sensitive and that Phoebe was allergic to peanuts
started a gluten free diet (105.6kg start)
hit virgin weight
decided to get married in September
wedding dramas began
bought my dress
decided to open up more on my blog
went on waiting list to have tubes tied and vadge tightened
wedding progress in full swing
hit the 90's weight wise, in two months lost 6kg!
started eating gluten again intermittently
IUD fell out
got the depo injection
gluten kept attacking me
Had me hen's night
had me bridezilla meltdown
had me wedding
changed me blog
decided to move to Aussie in June 08
got my date for vadge op
had vadge op - ouch!
eldest turned 9
youngest turned 1
recovered from op

So here we are in the last throes of 2007. A lot has happened!!

Had a great mellow Xmas although was a bit sad watching my dad move around so slowly as on break up night (and his birthday), 21st December, he was at the pub having drinks with old mates when one of them went apeshit and beat Dad up. Apparently they were playfighting and it went bad (sound familiar??) and Dad didn't fight back, trying to keep it as low key as possible but his old buddy of over 30 years ended up breaking his rib and leaving his face extremely black and swollen. Aaaah alcohol, the cause of all evil - well some of it.

Speaking of alcohol, on the same night I decided to go down the road to a mate's place and have a couple of drinks, sort of a Mum's work doo, and ended up drinking a dozen bourbon and coke bottles in 3 hours and then was thinking of walking home, that was my last recollection. Woke up at home at 10am and found out that Blair had come down and picked me up at 5.30am, had found my passed out in my own vomit, pants round ankles from last toilet visit and not in a good way. Apparently, at some point before passing out I had skulled two glasses of Jack Daniels - straight. So, not a good look and not quite the end of the night I had hoped for. Was ill for four days.

Have had a great year, much has happened and now I am heading into 2008 with a lot of change in mind. Look forward to sharing it with each and every one of you gorgeous darling people.



Steph said...

Well life is never dull is it? ;)
I hope 2008 is the start of wonderful things for you and your gorgeous family. All the best, precious. xx

B said...

2007 has been a very eventful year. I had a big night Christmas Eve but I didn't vomit. Maybe I would have felt better on Christmas Day if I had though!!
Hope 2008 is a fabulous year for all of us. We love you too! I can't believe you're coming to Australia - we'll have to meet up you know!! How exciting! Happy New Year beautiful girl to you and your gorgeous family.
Bri and Lachie

Chris H said...

Yep, an eventful year Jules, but a good one eh? Would love to see you in May, and if I'm not in Auckland by then I will make bloody sure I go up just to see you! Have a wonderful new year's, keep ya pants on and try not to throw up again!

Em said...

Hope 2008 is a wonderful year for you and your family awsum that your moving here..which state are you moving to Jules?

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Omg.... what a way to end your night... are you sure Jack Daniels is gluten free???
I know couger bourbon isnt....
I would check it out.. might be why you were so sick for so long..*cough* hidden gluten maybe...
Dont worry chickee i had the upchucks boxing night..*shhhhh * dont tell anyone tho will ya...
problem.. what problem...

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh and yes.. I found your card an absolute crack up ya nut....
You are moving to Tasmania arent you.....;o)

Anonymous said...

What a great year you had....busy but all good things, right?

I wish you the best in 2008!

Tania said...

Isn't it amazing how much can happen in a year? And come 2008 we'll make an aussie out of you yet ... lol

Wishing you all the best for the start of 2008 and the year ahead - look forward to sharing the journey with you.

And hope everyone gets better really soon!

Mellisa said...

I hope 2008 is full of fun, laughter and heaps of great times ...... And yes, my life is dull and boring .... I so need you to come and pull me out of it!! *giggle*

AlleyCat said...

Lost your pants & puked in the one night!!! hehehe Glad you've finally recovered! A big year indeed it was, wishing you & yours all the very very best for a magical 2008! Happy New Year!

AlleyCat said...

Lost your pants & puked in the one night!!! hehehe Glad you've finally recovered! A big year indeed it was, wishing you & yours all the very very best for a magical 2008! Happy New Year!

Ms Smack said...

That's a full on year but the best thing is that you're starting to look after YOU a bit more, instead of every other bloody mongrel. Here's to a happy, healthy, and loving 2008.

Happy New Year.

Chubbymum said...

Happy New Year hun

Love Chubbymum

Jin said...

Hey Jules, here's wishing you all the very best for 2008 :-) New vadge, new country coming up & a heap of new things to blog about!

Happy New Year hon!

Miss Beck said...

Big eventful year for us both eh?

So sorry to hear about your dad. Fucking alcohol. :(

Middle Child said...

Bloody hell Jules bu you have got style and guts...I loved reading through that list and then the bit about your poor dad...but that last paragraph had me laughing my guts out... have you recovered yet????

Danni said...

Wow! Busy much?

Hope this year brings you all you desire.


Danni said...

Wow! Busy much?

Hope this year brings you all you desire.