Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy Much????

I know my darling friends.

I know!!

Have been run off my gluteus maximus with work, studying, husband and son's birthdays, illness and the like.

Mum and Dad threw a bombshell at us last week.

They have decided to move to the Sunshine Coast too.


Talk about gooseberrying our escape!!

Work is fucken great. I love it.
Everyone swears and takes the piss and my boss is brilliant, let's me take off 2 hours on a Monday to go to counselling. Just brill.

Study is getting done although have really burnt the candle at both ends and have decided to take a new approach. I have been doing it at night and sometimes am not getting to bed until after midnight. Sex life is nil. Communication is nil. Sleep is near to nil.

So I take a new approach soon. I am determined to be a naturopath one day - if it kills me.

I think Blair is a bit depressed. I think he is feeling isolated at home. This may not be true but it's what I think.

I'm loving the routine of working.

Blair watches Dr Phil.

Love you all.


AlleyCat said...

Hey Chickee! Glad you love the job! Sorry to hear Blair is not the best, perhaps it will help him understand "shoe on the other foot" & all. Hope he improves soon.

Your boss rocks - very happy to hear you've found a good counsellor.

Hope things calm down a bit soon.

You will be an awesome naturopath.

PS Perhaps you can move further enough down the coast from your parents.................

Yummy Mummy said...

Qld is HUGE!!!! Sure that you could find our own little bit of paradise away from them all...

think of the babysitting on tap???

Glad that your job is going well...

Cazzie!!! said...

You are fricken awesome woman, but make sure you listen to yourt body and REST! Blair is an awesome guy... hug him lots ok...he may need it after watching Dr Phil!

m said...

YEA!!!!! Glad things are going so well. Sorry to hear about DR. Phil, he depresses me.

Hippygal said...

Glad things are going well with the job :-). Dr Phil is an arrogant prick...can't stand him... Have a good week :-)

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Dr. Phil..mwhahahahaha maybe he will pick up some important life tips..... ;o)
So glad to hear you are happy ...

Miss Beck said...

I agree with Alleycat. Perhaps he might be feeling a little of what you have for the past few years. Can't do him bad. He put himself there remember.

Great to hear the sprite in your step even if you are burning the candles. Congrats on the great job.

rand(om) bites said...

Oh hon, you're sounding great! And you will be a Naturopath one day. Happy Winter Solstice :-)

Middle Child said...

Encourage him to watch Bold and the Bewdiful so he can really understand family relationships!

Glad you enjoy your job and it would be nice having your parents there - like at Christmases...also when they get older - everything happens for a reason

Jayne said...

Hey Jules, glad you're enjoying your job & your boss sounds a pretty special kinda guy :-)

There are worse shows for Blair to watch............

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hey Jules. I came by to see what was up. Bussy busy busy...huh? I'm glad the job is doing fine.

Dr. Phil is a quack and quite troubled himself. I think I can help him.

A psychiatrist joke.

How many psychiatrist does it take to change light bulb?

answer. One...but it has to want to change.

ciao babes.

Tania said...

Oh it's always good to hear from you! If anyone can juggle full time work, 4 kids and study it would definitely be you - hope there's some occasional time in there for yourself.