Monday, July 14, 2008


My homework this week from the head guru is to write down what I am successful at.

I am struggling to come up with one thing.

I have been over and over it, I think of something and then I think, well really - you haven't really suceeded at that, if anything you have failed.

So here it goes:

I am successful and changing normal recipes into gluten free ones.

I am successful at getting a job.

I am successful at negotiation.

I am successful at maintaining some friendships.

And sadly, that is all I feel successful at.

What are you successful at?


Chris H said...

Bloody hell Jules! I am damn sure you are sucessful at a whole shit load more than that! What about you are a fantastic mum/wife/sister/daughter.....
And as for me... well I reckon my list would go on and on with lots of trivial things.. but the biggie for me would be that I am sucessful at being the best wife and mum I can be.

Cazzie!!! said...

I think you are successful at MUCH more than that!
I come here to read your blog because you make me laugh, you also sometimes provoke thoughts in me that I find are repressed. I like that because it keeps me in check.
I love coming here too because you are the person I culd very well sit down with and have a great laugh and natter and a coffee while our kids run wild!
for me, what I am successful at is
Setting tasks and completing them.
Working my A#$ off at work and always loving it!
Doing my best for my kids and knowing they are safe and well.

I need to: work more on mySELF and make sure I take time out each day even if it means hiding somewhere to have a coffee in peace :)

kathrynoh said...

What they said - you've got a whole bunch of stuff going on. You're smart and funny and are raising a whole tribe of kids! I reckon some days just getting out of bed rates as a success.

Kitty said...

i am spectacularly successful in failing, giving up and being too piss-weak to even try most things that i really want to do.

so there.


Melissa said...

Hey matey, you are successful at so much more than that.. I think its hard to come up with this about urself as when you posted that question took me a long time to think of one thing for myself!! take care and shoot me ya email so I can add u to read my blog.. xx

Tania said...

Oh this is such an interesting topic! We did a SWOT analysis at work the other day to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our departments and ourselves! It's amazing how so few of us could come up with many strengths but we didn't lack in finding the weaknesses - it's human nature!

It's so much more fun when you do it for someone else - I think you're successful at juggling priorities, raising a family, writing (just read your blog), and that's just off the top of my head :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm successful at whatever I set my mind to :D

Anne said...

My first thoughts were that you are a success as a mum, (bringin up 4 children is not to be sneezed at) as a partner/wife..... loads more - keep on thinking Jules!

Yummy Mummy said...

I need to think about it to come up with a decent answer.. but I think you would be the same as well... we are successful at holding things together... kids, family, study... and still stay sane!

Margaret said...

Well I was going to say that you are successful in bring four beautiful children into the world, but it has been said already.... cheers

AlleyCat said...

You are sucessful at loads mate!! The others have it pretty much covered, can I add sucessful at caring about your family & friends, communication, writing, wit, humour............

I suspect the topic is as much about your definition of "sucessful" as it is about what you are sucessful "at".

looks like i failed at spelling the topic word!

Today I am sucessful in heating up my soup in the microwave with out the lid exploding off & splattering the soup everywhere :0)

m said...

You are successful at making me laugh with your witty comments.

I am successful at bad punctuation, spelling and yelling at my children.

Anonymous said...

My success of the day is that I found this site:-) Your successes that I see here are so awesome and you need to stop struggling to NOT see them!!!!! There is a saying that I read years ago and it goes like this "we are only as good on any given day as the resources that we have available on that day". I really took to this saying because it helped me to understand me, and everyone around me, a whole lot better. The best part though was that I stopped beating myself up - and that feels really good. Thats probably my biggest success in life:-)

Tully said...

I think you are a great writer, you should add that to your list. You write honestly and are very engaging.

I have successfully forged an appearence of a successful life, that I actually hate. Not sure that counts...

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Jules: I think you are successful at being a wondeful person. People gather to you...because of the way you are...and that sweetie is...a beautiful person.

I'm easily successful at my job. That scarres me.

I'm successful at pissing people off because of the way I am...I'm mercurial. It's my nature.

I'm successful at not letting it bother me.

Ciao babes,

Middle Child said...

You are more successful than you know - n doubt when you are an olde worlde woman your kids will tell you this as they strap you into a cane chair - for your own good...


Just be true to you and the universe will recognise your success - bugger the rest.