Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Demise of the Snifter

It's official, Snifters have been denied the right to exist anymore.

Apparently, sales have decreased steadily over the last couple of years.

Bloody nora!! I fucken love Snifters.

On another note:
Couch time is not time spent lying on the couch!! Couch time is my term for Counselling.

Couch Time:

I am discovering so much about myself. My first ever kiss at age 12 has helped shape my sexuality. Sounds bizarre but take a listen:

In Form One, (Year 8 in NZ now and Year 7 in Aussie I think), I had my first ever kiss.
It was with a beautiful young man.
He was a diver.
Short but beautifully built, even at that age. His name was Darren.
I had been in "love" with him for the whole year.
I thought he was just lovely, quieltly spoken but popular, athletic, just a darling.
I finally ended up "going out" with him, you know, we were boyfriend and girlfriend finally, after many months of me admiring him from afar.
2nd or 3rd day in and we had the "kiss" booked in.
I felt this immense pressure. I had never kissed anyone before. He had.
He'd been out with one of those advance sorts of girls before me.
I was so nervous and half the class decided to be present for the event.
I was in a doorway with my boyfriend and after about 20 mins of "get on with it's" from the rabble - we locked lips. It was nice.
But... it was very wet. Bizarre even.
So I mistakenly commented out loud "Ewwww, it's sloppy".

So for the next couple of months I was known as SLOPPY. I was teased about it no end.
Apparently something inside of me made the subconcious decision that from that day forth I would be sexually forward. I would never flinch at any sexual request. Nothing was an issue. I would be "experienced" to save myself from the possible teasing.

If only I knew!!


Kate said...

I'm reading Memoirs of a Geisha at the moment, but in my head I keep calling it Gluten Free Geisha, LOL.

SNIFTERS?!! NO WAY!! They can't stop making them, I LOVE THEM! The mint! The chocolate! Oh waaaaah.

Hippygal said...

I know I love Snifters so so sad!!!!!!!! Hey any update on the cortisol levels, Chris's were low and when they added the artificial steroids it got the levels up to normal again so we are waiting to hear from the blood doctors to find out what is happening next....

Chris H said...

Sadness about the snifters... and yep, my first ever boy kiss was super wet and ikky too.

Tully said...

I am not sure what a snifter is... If they are minty and chocolatey like Kate says then I can understand your distress!

I can really see the link you have made in your first kiss experience. It is amazing how such a small thing can shape our lives. Sounds like you are making some really good progress.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

My word I know how hard it is to find gluten free products etc...Up til now I have had zippo help from dr's as they know shit about gluten issues... but this dude... he is a fkn legend... but unfotunately he is too fkn good.. he has found another major issue and has put coeliac on the back burner til we sort out this other thing... Not too impressed about it but hey not alot I can do...
And hell yeah.. Scotch is gluten free due to the distilling process there is no trace of gluten evident.. wohooooooooooooooo But unfotunately I have seen it written on Couger bourbon cans that they contain gluten... There is stil plenty of gluten free options out there tho Jules... Believe me I have searched my options on that one.. haha
I will keep in touch with you when my dr gets back on to the coeliac issue tho.. we may just be able to help each other out...
What shampoos have you found> I have struggled here and have just stuck with one that doesnt make my scalp crawl! what about soap and toothpaste?
Its a fkn nightmare eh!

EmmaK said...

I don't know what a Snifter is...I'm thinking an Aussie biscuit? If so I share your pain that Snifters have gone to the big chocolate graveyard in the sky

Anne said...

As long as Jaffas and milk bottles stay about!

Miss Beck said...

What an interesting connection with the kiss thing...

Miss Beck said...

P.S. No girl wants to be called Sloppy. That's damaging enough.