Monday, September 15, 2008

A Timely Reminder

Often you get a bit blase about everything.

You overindulge, you get a little lazy and then things happen that make you think twice about it all.

The lady I work with had a heart attack on Friday night.

She is still in hospital.

My sister, who lost her voice and was off to the specialist ....

her right vocal cord is frozen. Not moving at all. The vocal chords both vibrate as you talk. Her right one is paralysed.

There are a couple of reasons this could be.
She could have had a trauma to the chest area. No.
She could have had damage during recent chest or throat surgery. No.
She could have an enlarged thyroid. Not looking like it.
It could be a tumour in the lung. She is off to have an MRI on 27th September (earliest she could get in and that's going private!!)
The test she had that put a tubal camera down through her nose and into her throat showed no nasties there, hence the MRI to have a better look lower down.
She could require long term physio or surgery. A
t best her voice won't come back fully for nearly two years. She's a teacher!! And has two kids. And a husband. She is considering getting a boxing bag as she can't raise her voice - AT ALL!!

So people, take a minute and think what one thing you could do to be a smidgen more healthy today.


Lynda said...

I fully take on board what you have said... I do hope your sister is OK - what a stressful time it must be for you all.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap on a stick! Hang in there girl, I am thinking of you!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh yuk... I have been sick and struggling to talk for a couple of days....that drove me nuts.. let alone for two years...
I am trying to get my health sorted out... Bloody hard work!
One dr has ruled out syndrome x for me (asked about it after discussing it with you)... seeing another dr now... one that is actually making sense! Fingers crossed I get somewhere this time..

Cazzie!!! said...

I could have not eaten that bit of chocolate today, well, it was only two tiny pieces of peppermint chocolate...ok, well, I did ride my bike against the dreaded 40 knott winds we are having, I guess that cancels out the chocolate right?

Kitty said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your sister. ever since my heart attacked me, i have changed my life. i maintain a low body fat and body weight, i don't smoke or get blind drunk (ever). when i do drink i drink a bit. i eat healthy, i purposely do all these things to avoid dying.

i have children and i really thought i would never see them again and they would be so lost without their mum. nobody could ever love them like i do. not even wavey davey!

anyway. i'm being dramatic, which is SO unlike me!! ;oP

sorry for your sister, i hope the news does not end up too gruesome.


Jayne said...

I hope the lady at work recovers from her heart attack Jules & that nothing untoward is found in the depths of your sisters throat. Crikey, not being able to yell at the kids - what a bummer! Fingers crossed tho.

Chris H said...

Not good on either score mate! I hope both girls get better soon! Not having your voice would be a real problem for sure.... as for being healthier, I'm workin on it!

Anne said...

Does make you think.

Hope there is nothing majorly going on with your sister. Also here's hoping the other woman has a speedy recovery.

Me - I'm trying to be into health a bit more than I have the last couple of months.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi Jules: Sorry to hear about your sis losing her voice.

This is true...a fella was bent over and thought he was having a heart attack at work. He was in sdo much pain. I had our saftey fella stay with him while I made sure the Fire Departments was let in by security.

They came in and...the guy popped out a fart and he was suddenly well. Embarrassed but feeling good. hehehe. I have never heard of anything that that. I was so releaved...I was worried for him.

I hope all is well with you sweetie. :D


Sue said...

Being in Christchurch for two days has definitely made me more healthy - what bloody gorgeous weather!

Tania said...

It's sad that it takes reminders like these to make us more conscious of our health! I'm using my gorgeous toddler and newborn baby girl as my inspiration for a healthier lifestyle.

Hope the results for your sister bring positive news and your work mate makes a full and quick recovery.

LaLa said...

That's terrible. I am certainly not eating the rest of that fourth sausage.

Thanks for the reminder.