Friday, December 19, 2008

Xmas On a Budget

So.... we have no money.

Blair only got his first pay this week, we had no savings at all, was all spent getting Blair to Aussie and then back again!! After I lost my job and they didn't pay my holiday pay correctly, we have been left very short.

So having no Christmas presents hidden away I have had to do things on a budget.

I have bought things like Barbie plasters, little "men's" shampoo and shower gel packs, Cool Charm spray, groovy new toothbrushes etc etc. I am getting things my kids NEED and turned them into things they are going to like and be happy to open on Christmas Day.

Peta is getting a Miley Cyrus CD (puke!!) and some roller blades.

Ben is getting an All Blacks duvet and polar fleece blanket set and a remote control tarantula (from the supermarket!!)

Phoebe wants pretend high heels and tattoos!! $2 shop.

and little wee Sian is getting a baby stroller which I should be able to pick up for stuff all.

Afterall, it's about the family not the gifts aye???


Kitty said...

jules you are a fucking great mum


Anonymous said...

I think it is awesome that you can create a Happy Christmas without tons of dough!

Hippygal said...

I found this site which has some cool ideas Hope the link works. Have a great Christmas with the family :-).

Spiky Zora Jones said...

jules...girl I love you.

You have it all together. That's what I've been saying. The Christmas to remember are those with family.

I have a picture of my prince, the eldest. It's Christmas night and we are cleaning up, washing dishes etc..after guests left. He is in his pajamas and in a box...yes, it was a big box...he was sitting in it, his legs hanging out as he fell asleep in front of the Christmas tree. I took a picture of it and told him years later that it was what Santa brought him instead of coal. have a MERRY CHRISTMAS...and a wonderful NEW YEAR. :D

Lynda said...

I remember my presents as a child - crayons, colouring books etc. We didn't get the big stuff like kids now get and yet I loved Christmas and all the stuff I got. It is more about the love and fun and freedom kids feel at this special time. Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope next year will be your year!

Chris H said...

Mate it is all about family... we have had some bloody lean Christmas's too with having 6 kids in quick sucession.... I've done the toothbrush thing too! lol
May you and your family have the a lovely Christmas NO MATTER WHAT. {{{BIG HUGS}}}

LaLa said...

I think they sound like awesome gifts Jules - I've been a little shocked in recent years to see how much some kids get for Christmas and more often than not they will play with the really simple things.

Barbie plasters - I want some.

Anne said...

So many familes lose what Christmas is really about. I knwo with such an awesome mum your kids will have a special time.

Heidi said...

You are an awesome mum! I'm sure you get thru anything and your kids will love their presents!

Silly me and excuse my question but I wonder - because you write here what you have for your children, isn't there a possibility that your kids will know the presents they get before you would like them to know? I don’t mean anything bad :)

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you and your family! May the new year be a happy and successful one!


Tania said...

Oh Jules it's great to see you back blogging! You're so right about life (and Christmas) being about family.

Great to hear that Blair got the all clear. I've always admired your attitude to life even when things are tough.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a much happier year in 2009 - as to the job, well they didn't deserve you anyway, remember as one door closes, another one opens!

kathrynoh said...

Have a good Christmas - I bet the kids remember it as the best one ever.

The Barbie plasters do sound good!

Cazzie!!! said...

Your sentiments are reverberated all over the World I think. After all, what do kids need? They need love (check) they need huggs(check) they need their parents (check) and well, they do not need toys!
What you have got them is meaningful, thoughtful and with love... and that is what matters.
You rock!

Rachel said...

Oh barbie plasters - great idea. I might grab some wiggles ones for my boys.

We are also on a very tight Xmas this year but $10 water guns from the warehouse and a 2nd hand PS2 (from their cousin) will go down a treat with my little boys.....LOL

Have a fab Xmas and New Year.

Tully said...

You're completely right, it's not about the gifts. Don't worry, we only ever got stuff we 'needed' growing up because we were really poor and it was still exciting! I agree with Kitty, you are an awesome mum.

I hope you have a good Christmas Jules and here is to a better 2009 for all of us hey!

Steph said...

Your kids have everything they need. They have you.

Merry Christmas sweetie. xx

Tracy said...

Your kids are going to have a great Christmas - they have you & Blair & each other. They are getting presents & it may not be lots of expensive stuff but they will still love it, hell the youngest ones prefer the boxes half the time anyway.

Merry Christmas.

Jayne said...

You've done great Jules & I reckon the kids will be well happy with their gifts - having a mum & dad together is more special than any fancy new-fangled gadget. I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas hon & a great New Year. All the very best for 2009 {{{hugs}}}

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Merry Christmas Jules... Hope you all had an awesome day...
Hugs all round..

Anonymous said...

Merry xmas darls! U R right! I wish more people would make Xmas about the people!

Hippygal said...

Hope you had a great Christmas and have a great 2009 :-)