Monday, December 8, 2008

A Fork In The Road

I was so close to giving up.

Not just blogging but on life in general. I have had a hell of a time over the last month.

I lost my job and am taking them to court for constructive dismissal. Apparently I was a bit too outspoken and my job just got taken away from me till I was sitting in an office doing noo tang!!

Have had severe family issues but I am not going into them. They were the worst though!!

I am coming out the other side, reassessing - as we are constantly doing, and I am ready to attack life again. Live it. Love it. Attract good things and repel the bad. I just signed up to complete my naturopathy. I shall fucken do it.

Blair has gone back to work, got the all clear on his lungs after coming back from Aussie with the worry of it all. Apparently it was a nipple shadow. Barstards!!

Anyway, it sent us in a new direction. We are what matter, not where we live or what we have so we are focusing on us as a family, a couple and as individuals. It will be great times ahead.

My blood tests (which I finally had) came back with exceedingly high fasting insulin levels. I am in a state of "pre diabetes" and I desperately need to address that.

My counselling finished, I discovered myself a lot but still feel that I am not quite the full package but what I did realise, is I am the ONLY person that can do anything about that. We choose how we react, act and live. I choose me.

I am sorry I haven't been around and I can promise that I probably won't get to read the 1725 posts that I haven't read yet on bloglines. That is yesterday, that is past, I won't go back. I can only go forward.

I look forward to sharing again.

Lots of love.



Jo said...

Hi lovely

Freaky to hear we are in the same boat. Whats the best place to email you on? Would love to chat about this. Or just flick me an email on my work address.

AlleyCat said...

Glad to see you back & glad your are comming out the other side.

LaLa said...

Sounds like you have had a terribly shit time, but you sound like you have your head on straight. I can't do much over the internet but am sending positive vibes your way. xx

Kitty said...

welcome back (((hugs)))

**Mellisa** said...

Glad to hear that you're ok .... Take it all one day at a time!! Don't worry about us ... concentrate on getting yourself happy and healthy!!!


Tracy said...

Welcome back :-)

I am glad Blair is OK & it sounds like things are moving forward for you guys.

I hope the family issues are sorted, too much stress.

Take care.

Chris H said...

Sorry life has sucked big time lately, and very glad to hear you are coming out of the shit and looking forward. Loves to ya chick.

Anne said...

Big welcome back to you!

Margaret said...

Nice to hear from you again, here's to better times for you all.

Lynda said...

Don't you ever, ever think like that again!!!! grrrrr..... You must focus on your kids and family and really, nothing else matters.

I'm sorry about the job - you just need to be in a different work situation where your personality can be free, not restricted.

I hope the severe family issues are over. Keep smiling and focus on what is important.

Cazzie!!! said...

Hggs to you and yours, take stock amd just go ahead :)

Janine said...

Welcome back Jules, Great to see you back albeit with some stmbles along the way. Look forward to moving forward with you in your journey.

Hippygal said...

Nice to see you back - hang in there :-). Sorry to hear about everything you have been through hopefully it can only get better from here on in.

Middle Child said...

Its too hard to catch up so as you said...don't... I am gald Bair is okay and hope you get satisfaction from the courts re dismissal.

re you health, please take care of are the mum and wife and believe it or not you are the lynchpin of the family at this stage. Whatever you can do to get the "pre diabetes" under control sister is in renal Dialysis as a nurse and you want to do everything you can do to avoid full blown diabetes...everything okay .

Take care okay.

Jayne said...

Welcome back Jules :-) Glad to hear that things are picking up for Blair. You take time now hon to get your health sorted.
Take care *hugs*