Monday, December 29, 2008

What is a Resolution?

It's that time of year again, we all do it, or we try not to do it but somewhere in the deep chasms of our minds we think - this year I'm going to .....

So I thought it a great time to actually look at what RESOLUTION actually means.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term Resolution may refer to:

Resolution (Historic), Formal statement of opinion or policy.
Resolution (medicine), the subsiding or termination of an abnormal condition
Resolution (logic), a rule of inference used for automated theorem proving.
Resolution (law), a written motion adopted by a deliberative body.
Resolution (music), a technique in music theory.
Resolution (meter), the replacement of one longum with two brevia
New Year's resolution
Chiral resolution, a process in stereochemistry for the separation of racemic compounds into their enantiomers
Resolution, a Douglas DC-6 aircraft, BCPA Flight 304, which crashed near San Francisco in 1953

The one I like best is the medical version.


It is not normal (and therefore abnormal) for one to self loathe, for one to intentionally harm their chances of survival, for one to stuff their face full of shite, for one to be unhappy.

This coming year I will make steps to love myself, increase my chances of survival, nourish my body with healthy choices, and above all - I am going to be happy. Happiness is a state of the mind. I can choose what state of mind I reside in the majority of the time. I choose happiness. There is no other choice.

So, it is time to look back at the past year, time has flown by but when I list it out, what has happened?:

January: Blair started working for Dad, we finally got ahead financially and were in a great place, saving hard for Aussie and selling up things like our tent and camping gear.

February: Blair's brother got married, I fell off the gluten free band wagon by eating fresh bread and never looking back. We decided, with a bit of guidance from Dad, that moving wasn't the best idea when we still had debt. I lost my way.

March: Blair got done for drink driving, fell asleep at the wheel, crossed the middle line and ended up in a hedge. Lost license for 8 months. Blair also put the Isuzu into the river, flooding it and putting kids in danger (well his brother was driving but it was Blair's guidance that put him in the hole). I finally made the decision to do something for myself and get some counselling.

April: Shaved my head bald to raise funds for Leukaemia, you darlings helped me raised $800. My brain was cold!! Had first counselling session, found out I had post traumatic stress disorder and more. Found a big four bedroom rental, signed up for it and was all packed and ready to move.

May: Blair threw in his $30/hour job with Dad over difference of opinion, we lost our new rental, went to the Foo Fighters in Auckland (fucken highlight of the year!!), contemplated going hard and using our June tickets to Aussie and I got a job as Office chick a rooney at Truck firm.

June: Blair settled into house bitch position. I was extremely busy and burning candles left right and centre.

July: Stopped studying Naturopathy, too burnt out. Challenged myself big time at counselling.

August: Paid $260 to take Phoebe to gluten expert, not much of an experience. Blood tests galore for me. Tired, exhausted even, feeling undervalued and just struggling to survive a day at a time.

September: A good mate left her husband, my sister's vocal chord froze, work started to suck because of boss and his wife.

October: Turned 33, fatter than ever, reached 115kg, decided that we would fast track the Aussie decision and put plans in place.

November: Blair left for Aussie, day after he left mass showed up in previous lung xray, he returned 9 days later. Lump turned out to be nothing but the shadow of his nipple. I lost my job, forced into resignation by manipulative and evil boss who had already shafted one of the directors and founder of company and the long term office lady. Unemployed.

December: Blair found work temporarily, applied for trainee structures worker position with the railways and we had a lean but fun Christmas, I found out I have prediabetes and I am currently strategizing to start achieving my health goals.

What you been up to??


Cazzie!!! said...

Jules, I was going through the meaning of a NYE resolution with my kids as we travelled back home from up the bush yesterday.
We all agreed to be nice people, help others and do our best in whatever we choose to do. I also threw into the mix that we would do as many fun things together starting NOW, not from Jan 1 2009. So, we take walks, have fun and of course, we still have little disputes...what is a family without disputed right, lol.

kathrynoh said...

What a year for you! Hope 2009 is much less eventful and all your shit comes together in many wonderful ways :D

Chris H said...

IF you have been reading me blog you would know what I have been up to! Suffice to say a bit.
I am hoping you and I have a quieter, more settled and happier 2009... so there.
REMEMBERING that most of the time it is up to us, and no one else to make us a happy person.

Cinders said...

Here's hoping you have a happier and healthier 2009 Jules x

Tully said...

God what a year. I hope you're giving yourself a big pat on the back for making it through the year, quite an achievement. If you can get through that, you can do anything!!!

Here's cheers to a wonderful 2009 to us both.

Anonymous said...

Oh my darling, I hope 2009 is a better year for you all!!
We had a financially draining year, so I hope we have a better year for that ...... We had a partial plate for Reece, an ear operation for Ayisha and a dental operation for Jamal .... just under $10,000 out of pocket!!! I swear if anything happens in 2009 they are all up for adoption!! *giggle*
2009 is going to be my year .... all about getting happy and healthy!! And together we will do it babe!!! xoxoxo

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Hooly Fkn Dooly.../ when you put it all out there in black and white you have had a fkn shoker girl..its gotta get better.. sorry you didnt recieve a hand made Christmas card... No-one did.. I just ran out of time and motivation... Slack I know...
Heres to a better 2009 girl..
I am back into blogging now I have really missed it..
I need to kick this last 5 kilos in the arse and get my shit sorted... literally..
Still have Dr app to sort out to find out finally whats going on with my poor delapidated body...
Fingers crossed nothing serious..
Hugs to you.. and remember we are always here for you girl.. no matter how far away we live we are only an email away!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I can't even come close babe! You must be wishing 2009 to come on faster!

Lyn said...

Thankyou chicky for your lovely comments on my blog!! Sorry I been a bit sparse on commenting on yours of late, seems life is filled with working and sleeping with a little eating in between.

AlleyCat said...

I have nothing to complain about!!! Hope 2009 is much kinder to you Jules. I agree with the happiness "choice" though. You can choose to be cheerful & happy with what you've got rather than the alternative (without taking into account the medical stuff - depression etc - I know it's not always that easy). I really worked on that last year in our office & I think it has had a significant impact on our co-workers. If I am unhappy & shirty, so too are they. When I am happy & cheerful, they work better as a team & seem to like each other more; I'd assume it would rub off on the family too. Happy New Year Jules. May we all find a little extra love for ourselves & treat ourselves with a little more respect & kindness. Cheers!!! XO PS yes the pork was good thankyou :0)

Rachel said...

Shit after reading everything that has happened in 2008 for you, I am NOT going to complain.

The starting of a New Year is always brilliant, lets do it!

Tania said...

Oh Jules with that list of events for 2008 I bet you're counting down the hours until 2009 arrives!

I admire your strength and courage to get through the challenges you've faced and i'm wishing great things for you in the New Year.

I agree with happiness being a state of mind and you're right it really is in our control, so remember that whatever else happens you need to take time out for yourself too.

Middle Child said...

2009 has to be better, you are all above ground...and thats a plus...take care...take heart and hope for the new year ok

rand(om) bites said...

Wishing you a much better and happier 2009 hon. Enough sh*t happened in 2008, it can only get better now! Thinking of you guys :-)

Ms Smack said...

I have everything crossed hoping that 2009 is better, brighter, happier for all of you.