Thursday, January 1, 2009


Thank fuck for that.

Goodbye year from hell.

Let's never meet again.

Hello 2009, year of basics.

That is what it will be for me. Basics, no complications, living in the now, positive thoughts bringing positive things.
Changes for good, no diets, organisation on my behalf.

Love you all.

Weigh in tomorrow, no sane person weighs on New Years Day after drinking alcohol till 3am in the morning!!


Anonymous said...

Hey my darling!! Glad to hear you had a great night with a perfect climax at the end *naughty giggle* Dirty hussy!! *lol*
2008 and all the shit it dealt you is over and 2009 will be a year of fantastic changes and happiness!!
And FFS we have to make a trip over there soon .... since you won't come over here!!! *lol*

Anonymous said...

Good work darls! I weighed too! I am just not putting it on here!

Rachel said...

I totally agree with weighing in the day AFTER New Years.

Positive changes happening here too.

Jadey 0:-) said...

Happy New Year honey! I wouldn't believe anything from the 2nd day after NY either. (At least I'm believing mine contains alot of fluid!)

Tania said...

Jules, Jules, Jules - you should have weighed in while drinking until the early hours - at least then you could have blamed the alcohol!

I figure you probably had enough crap in 2008 to last you a couple of years - so this has got to be a good one right?

Middle Child said...

Got to agree with you on 2008, and 2007...I have to hope that 2009 will be easier and happier...

for you and me and all of us...please

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