Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Sort of Lemon are You??

The sun was beaming onto the verandah. I love the verandah.

The fantails were dancing around the bushes. My Vitamin D levels were rising as I took in the warmth of the winter sun.

My little 2 and a half year old cherub Sian, angelic in looks, less so in nature, ambled over to me.

"Look Mum, it's a Siany Narny lemon" as she shoves a tiny little cute lemon into my face.

"Lovely darling".

Away she potters.

Then she comes back.

"Look, it's a Mummy lemon" she squeaks innoncently as she shoves a HUGE, half mouldy, pock marked lemon in my face.

"Nice one" I retort, trying to hide the bitterness in my voice.

Again, she totters away.

Again, she makes her way back.

Holding in front of my sunny face, a beautiful, pristine, perfect in size, unblemished lemon.

"And a Daddy one" she smiles.

I fake a smile back.

Fucken Daddy my arse, why's Mummy the deformed stuffed up rotten lemon with size issues???

Why's Daddy so bloody perfect aye??

I want to be the pretty lemon - ***** cries *******


Cazzie!!! said...

Dont cry, you are gorgeous woman, I mean it :)

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Ahhh Out of the mouthes of babes... isnt that what they say.... Couldnt ya just smack em up the side of the head... mwhaha
They tell it how they see it tho.... hurts but!!

mapstew said...

Aaaah!... Daddies are always perfect lemons in the eyes of their daughters!


EmmaK said...

do you really think she noticed that one lemon was pock marked? she probably didn't ...don't fret xx

Anonymous said...

Yeah Dad's the perfect lemon in our house too = sometimes I don't even get a look in!


Chris H said...

Seriously, you can't compare yourself to a mould old lemon! And your wee girl didn't mean to compare you to it either, it was just luck she picked them up in that order. Now enjoy the sun/fantails and the Vitamin D.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

The one she picked for you was filled with personality. unforgetable.

the others are just plain...lemons. They look alike, but not the mommy one.

that was the one that impressed your sweetie. :)

Anne said...

I agree with Zora - the Mummy lemon is special!

Middle Child said...

she probably thought it was just an interesting lemmon...maybe???

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