Friday, September 18, 2009

Confessions of a Bad Mother

Tuesday night we had Pizza Hutt for dinner (sodium laden shite that it is).

Phoebe (child no 3) is gluten free due to being labelled gluten sensitive 2 and a half years ago.

She refuses to eat anything with gluten in it. Which is good.

I couldn't be arsed driving the 35 minutes into Christchurch to get a gluten free Pizza for her from Hell Pizza, soooooo ....

I got her a little Pizza Hutt pizza and told her it was gluten free.

I know, I am a terrible mother.


Tracy said...

I would have done the same thing - out of interest - did she have a reaction to it??

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Jules,

I have allergies myself but as a child, I was never diagnosed. Pizza is quite popular in Chicago but I learned to opt out. When my youngest daughter was a child she had extreme allergies to dairy products (like me); we thought it best to eliminate dairy. Although this was a mutually agreed upon decision, someone (who shall remain nameless) continued to order pizza.

If a mother is going to be bad, pizza is usually involved.


Ute said...

There was some story on ACA the other night...didnt' really see it all, but they were saying that they can now treat most food allergys, WITH the food the child is allergic to!

this little tacker was allergic to penuts, and he was cured by eating, nuts!

so maybe, you are doing your child a favour by introducing her to the actual stuff she's intollerant... =)

LaLa said...

I can't stop laughing..

Anonymous said...

Jules... Best Team Of The Past 4 Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
You guys were on top for a long long time... Its over doll, its over, our Keys are very very strong and fast, they have been dodging bullets and running from the law for generations.. They are now starting to play rugby..
As to your question at Spiky regarding the inflatable barbie?
Well, she needs sending to your side as your guys have no trophies to stare at for a while... :)
I sound so arrogant... almost like the Aussies and Kiwis used to sound.. Ha! Ha!
(comment written in full good spirit and truth, copied from the store, not original, similar to an inflatable?)

Get you on the kiddie thang, got a rug rat with Crohns, so we know the drill...)

Jayne said...

I totally disagree Jules - no ways are you a bad mother! I would've done exactly the same. If she ate it & had no adverse reaction, you know it's a 'Plan B' you can use in the future :-)

Chris H said...

I'm sure she was just fine eating it too... AND I bet she didn't get the shits either!

Wanderlusting said...

LOL. Well, so as long as it causes no discomfort! I've been tested for celiacs because of my food problems and because I'm Scandinavian and it runs in my family but so far I'm Ok...probably do have a wheat allergy though but that won't stop me from having waffles for breakfast :P

m said...

sounds a LOT like me.

Apple2Hourglass said...

obviously a little bit doesn't hurt, it's not like you do it every day. Take it easy on yourself mate, life is hard enough.

Anonymous said...

just sayin Hi Jules... Congrats on Bled.. Cup! Have a great weekend.. :-)

Kitty said...


you fuckin' rock. i wish my kids would eat pizza slut, they are fussy little bastards and flatly refuse to eat takeaway (grrrrr). you should be pleased Little Miss Gluten would eat it at all!!

i love it. you are my new personal hero of the week.


Cinders said...

Slack yes, bad no.

You may, though, find this interesting. Of course it's only relevant if Phoebe is Coeliac and I can't remember if you've said she is or just intolerant.

On Monday I went on a 'discovery' tour of the Science Labs for which we are building a new home. We got to talk to their chief gastroentorologist(spelling?) who is looking for a Coeliac cure. Very interesting and if I were Coeliac I would never eat gluten again. Did u know that a healthy small intenstine is about 7 metres long and could be stretched out to cover a tennis court?? In comparison, a damaged Coeliac's intestine is lucky to cover an A4 sheet of paper. (You may possibly already know this, but it was news to me)

Anne said...

It's not as if you would do this often - so no - not bad.

Jules said...

Everyone: She has high iGg levels indicating "intolerance" or "sensitivity", not allergy, she, so far, has not tested positive for Coeliacs.

She didn't hve a reaction at all so I have tried her on gluten for the past week, she's been loving it, especially bread she can bend, but alas, on Sunday arvo she had an explosive loose bowel episode and a rash, so, we tried it out, she's going to remain gluten free.


Anonymous said...

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(Please delete this comment before Kitty sees it.. I dont want her seeing me bare assed nikked!) :)