Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Your Wish is My Command....

Here we go then:

LaLa, sadly there was not one thing in my bag other than two lip glosses. I am a very minimal person but here goes the proof anyway:

Kym, I don't have a horse, there are a couple across the river that belong to the landlord's daughter, I can take photos of them next time I'm there, your yard photos are grouped amongst the house ones.

Cazzie, I did attempt this but my camera only records 25secs so I flagged it but took shitloads of photos for you to get the idea.

Front lawn looking to house:

house end of the driveway:

Bill the rooster and Salt the hen (there is another one called Pepper)

Some little purple flowers at the base of an apricot tree.

Back of the house and the kids play equipment.

View to the right off the verandah, the property we are on goes all the way across the river up to where the forest starts in far distance:

The shed where I sort the recycling:

Side of house, bay window is in the kitchen:

Double internal access garage, yeah right, LOL:

The two youngest ferals in the back area:

The beautiful patch of fragrant violets by the driveway, near the willow tree:

At the edge of the lawn looking up the driveway towards the road:

Looking left off the verandah

Standing at the sliding door looking out over the front lawn and verandah:

The back door showing how bloody big the tree in the front is:

The end of the road, where it goes to the river:

If you are looking down the driveway this is what you see to the right, these are organic sheep grazing in a certified organic orchard, the front orchard.

This is looking back up the little road to the main road, everything to the left is the property we are on, everything to the right is psychotic Mr Brown's, his trees are the ones handing precariously over the our road, he didn't get them sorted for a week, and had plans for them to stay like this for 3 weeks, he had told the contractor there was no hurry, he's a barstard:

Looking down the driveway to the Ranch house:

Looking left from the front lawn to the lower orchard which is starting to blossom:

Spiky, yours is a post on it's own, coming very soon.

U, your surprise is my skeleton in my closet. I will reveal all in your own dedicated post.

Chris, have to round the kids up in all their feral glory and get a nice family photo, coming very soon.

Ute, good god woman, do you think I'd arse around with a blog if I owned a ute?? You will have to be content with my property shots above and this cream yourself Holden:

Anne, you're covered.

Middle Child, kitchen and wardrobe as requested, your family shots are previously shown.

The fire in the kitchen with my little toaster pantry with all my oils, herbs etc and on the top shelf is the medicine and herbs.

And another shot

My big farm kitchen

The wardrobe

It has a window in it, nice!Note the complete lack of clothing, Blair's is the lower rack, mine the higher!!

The monthly wall planner in the kitchen

Kitchen again

Kitchen looking back towards the lounge
Kitchen look out through the sliding doors to the massive laundry and the back door.


Ute said...!


you have a beautiful home!

would love to be living it!

btw... ta for the Ute pic. ;)

Cinders said...

Jules, your place is beautiful. The views and all the greenery are lovely. Thanks for sharing x

Chris H said...

The home is gorgeous, the area is special!
I am gobsmacked that you have virtually NOTHING in your bag!
Or your wardrobe!!!
I love the chooks.
I had a wall planner exactly like that, but I wore it out.
I look forward to seeing more of the feral kids.

Cazzie!!! said...

Now those images are just gorgeous, and you are so blessed to be living there Jules..I so want to live in a place just like that. I have been scanning the houses in the country up near my aunts..and when I find te right one I want to move there..the kids will love it too. The girls can have their horses and the boy have their motorbike...and I can have my big garden.

Anonymous said...

Hey jealousy! It's beauuuutiful where you live!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Jules: have a wonderful house and the view and country side is beautiful. My girl would be jealous...she keeps trying to get me out away from the city.

After visiting there...I knew it was one of the most beautiful place I had ever been.

I love the photos of the kids and that doggy too. Wnderful photos...fabulous home sweets.

later honey. xxx

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Jules,

Things that make a Brotha go hmmmmm:
"U, your surprise is my skeleton in my closet. I will reveal all in your own dedicated post." -- So "surprise me" nets a skeleton in your closet Jules? I look forward to reading my own dedicated post.

I enjoyed the pics. The outdoor pics have that rural life is grand look about them. Great shot of your kids (they don't appear feral).


Cazzie!!! said...

I had to look again Jules, I just love the place you live in!

Middle Child said...

That is just so beautiful - the house everything...the have landed well

Anonymous said...

Jules, Your place is absolutely beautiful, it looks so peaceful. Great looking kids. Thanks so much for sharing.

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