Thursday, October 11, 2007

Whom I Be Loving #1

Ok, I know every Tom, Dick and Bevan is doing numbered posts these days but I really don't give a fuck if I look like a follower as I am too!!

At the moment I am loving:

Queen Latifah aka Dana Elaine Owens

Latifah means "nice" in Arabic and I think she is the Queen of Nice.

She is big, buxom and oh so sexy.

She has gorgeous big breasts, a warmth in her smile and eyes and is just beautiful to look at.

Wikipedia says:

Personal life

Latifah's older brother Lance was killed in 1992 in an accident involving a motorcycle that Latifah had recently bought him. Latifah still wears the key to the motorcycle around her neck, which can be seen throughout her performance in her sitcom Living Single. She also dedicated Black Reign to him. In 1993, Latifah was the victim of a carjacking, which also resulted in the shooting of a friend. In 1996, she was arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana and a fully loaded hand gun, resulting in a fine and two years' probation.

In her 1999 autobiography, Ladies First: Revelations of a Strong Woman, Latifah discussed how her brother's death led to a bout of depression and drug abuse, from which she later recovered.

Because of her portrayal of a lesbian in Set It Off and her avoidance of discussing her romantic life, tabloid media have at times speculated on her sexual orientation. Latifah, responded to these rumors in her autobiography by saying: "It's insulting when someone asks, 'Are you gay?' A woman cannot be strong, outspoken, competent at running her own business, handle herself physically, play a very convincing role in a movie, know what she wants—and go for it—without being gay? Come on."[10] Queen Latifah is an advocate for same sex marriage and other gay rights issues.

I love that she is a spokesperson for Covergirl.

I love that the world is recognising the "average" woman.

I love that she is strong and funny and talented and confident.


Jo said...

TOTALLY agree. Latifah is gorgeous.

Go the strong confident woman with the wicked boobs.

Middle Child said...

She is so beautiful. I had never seen her pictured like this...

Miss Beck said...

Yes, I'm ridin' that love train.

She looks so devine in this picture. LOVE that dress and who wouldn't want knockers like that!?

I played her character in Chicago (Mumma Morgan) simply because I loved the way she did it.

Miss Beck said...

P.S. Thanks for your email. Been a lazy ass and havent responded.

Yummy Mummy said...

what a hot chick!!!
It really shows that because you are famous you are free from other life stresses!!

Livy said...

What a gorgeous pic of her! My god, she is funny, smart, sexy and bloody well confident! No wonder she is such a popular actress. Set if Off was a BRILLIANT movie. Really brilliant. I love Jada Pinkett-Smith too.

danzer1986 said...


i love queen latifah too. she excellent! her personal and ho she is as a person is a+ for me..

as for my the life happenings post
well yea had quite a ramble on what happen for the past week its all in my yea adventure hehe

as for the flip side
yea i thought id try beans. no reason just thought i would that and vegetables.. and she how that affects my weight.. havent started yet and im so mad!
well its a disorder its a lot a things, but yea control is one of them..

Jin said...

She's a stunner really - great actress & added bonus of a wonderful voice. She had a boob reduction job last year (caught it on an Oprah show) & read recently that she's released an album of 'old time' classics (similar to Michael Buble) so I'm keeping my eyes open for that!