Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Wedding Day

I woke at 6.30am, only because my alarm went off.

I looked out to see the most beautiful day. I was wrapt. Busied myself having some cereal, a shower and a coffee.

Left for hairdressers, arrived at 9am.

Hair took just over an hour. Can't say I was 100% happy with it. Got to my sister's to pick her and my mate slash makeup artist up and I immediately was fucked off. Keri's hair looked about 50 times better than mine. Peta looked great too but my hair just looked average.

Got over it for the time being and headed to Mt Potts. Arrived just after 1pm. Fluffed around getting makeup on and then into dress. Dress wouldn't dome properly in the right place and therefore wouldn't lace up. Out came the ever handy safety pin. Finally dressed etc and it was 3.30pm, ceremony was at 3pm. Damn late arse bride.

By this time the nerves had taken over and I had a bridezilla meltdown over the hair, got over it and headed towards the helipad where the ceremony was. The girls all walked ahead of me and then Dad and I went down the wee rocky path towards everyone. Dad was walking way to fast and my heels kept getting stuck in the grass. I had to tell the man to slow down!!

Finally rounded the guests and walked towards my husband to be. He was crying hard out! When I reached him we immediately held hands and then the ceremony started. Did I mention that it was lightly raining and the wind was howling, the snow was low on the mountains and it was fucking freezing. My veil was flying everywhere. It was all over quickly (thank fuck) and we had some quick photos and then headed up to the lodge which was toasty warm. Had a quick drink and then we took off into the wild weather for some photos on the airstrip, in the forest, the haybarn and in some derelict old stables where Blair fell in love with a big Stag's head and the lodge owner gifted it to him!

Got back to the lodge about 5.15pm and by this stage there were quite a few drunk people and I was a bit worried about the turn the night may take. We headed into dinner and had the speeches and then a beautiful buffet dinner with fresh lemon herbed salon, roast ribeye beef fillets and marinated lime chicken kebabs. Was delicious. Dessert was flourless chocolate brownies with cream and berries or mini kiwi pavolovas with whipped cream and kiwifruit.

I then took off and settled down Sian in one of the twin rooms where the kids were bunking in with my mate Jules, who was there to be the babysitter for the night. All the kids headed to bed about the same time and then Blair and I cut the cake and had our first dance to "Love Will Keep Us Alive" by the Eagles.

Within an hour it had turned to shit. My two brothers along with some local mates and brother in law and a few other drunkards, had decided to flag the beer and wine and just stood at the bar having multiple shots of top shelf spirits. Opel Nera, Tequilla, etc etc. The top shelf was half wiped out and it was all done in shots - and this was at 9.30pm. By 10pm it was nearly all over for me.

My two brothers were having "slap" fights until one did it too hard and it ended up in them brawling. Dad stepped in and they were separated. Then my youngest brother, who was off his face, decided it was a great time to air all the family bullshit which included telling Mum to shut the fuck up and stop crying, telling Dad that he was an arrogant cunt, telling all of us that he knows that we all think he's a loser but he's not. It was fucken shit. Then a friends husband nearly knocked him over and next minute it was all on and I told him to just leave the party and go to bed.

So it carried on outside with him abusig Mum and Dad and anyone who came near him.
Blair managed to settle him down and then my sister and her husband come over (husband having done multiple tequillas) and demand that youngest bro goes to bed. Blair says "give me 5 mins with him, I've got him calm, just give me 5" and sister's husband says I don't give a fuck about you I just want to put him to bed, so Blair fires up and threatens to drop him and he puffs up back saying "don't try and staunch me out" and then sister get's involved and Blair tells her to fuck off too and then she decides she's going to bed. That fucked me off, I said "we haven't even had a drink or a dance yet" and then she said well if Blair hadn't of had a go at Hayden" and then I said "my family are a bunch of arseholes" and her and her drunk husband decided to drive home in the middle of the night in the pouring rain in the middle of nowhere in the southern alps with the husband driving.

I stomped up the hill in the rain to bed crying. I had just had enough. Blair came up and had a go at me for blaming him for the fight with Hayden and that I should take a look at my brother's and stop sticking up for them etc and I ended up undressing myself in the dark and sleeping in the spare room in the cottage.

You can never get back your wedding night and that is how mine was. I was gutted, the day was great but the night was absolute shit.

At about 3am I got into bed with Blair because I didn't want to wake up the way I had gone to sleep.

We woke up cuddling but there is still a bit of tension.

Breakfast at the lodge was great and the staff were just amazing. I couldn't fault them in any way. We left with all the gifts (including the hideous stags head) in tow and have been shattered, emotionally and physically ever since.

This afternoon I was confronted by my sister over my attitude towards her over the Hayden/Blair incident and my brother stepped in sticking up for her and I said to him, "don't you start, you haven't even apologised to me yet" and he fired up and said "you haven't apologised to me!!".

What the fuck??

You ruin my fucken wedding night and I am expected to apologise to you. They can all go get bum fucked for all I fucken care. Pack of self centred wankers.

And now Mum is upset that I don't want to go and play happy families with the wankstains tomorrow as we are supposed to have a going away doo for one brother combined with an engagement party for the younger brother. Get rooted you pack of losers.

As you see the photos aren't in yet but I got the anger in me to write the post so went with it.


tracy said...

Oh you poor thing. Isn't it amazing what complete inconsiderate arses people can be, especially family.

I do not blame you for not wanting to go & play happy families with them in a day or so and I can't beleive they do not understand why.

All you can do now is remember the good bits of the day & get on with your married life (and work out how in the hell you are going to get rid of the stags ghead)

Kate said...

Argh, what a nightmare.. I would have been pissed off too, very much so! Weddings are times when you keep your mouth shut, no matter how upset you are with something!

Glad that at least the actual wedding part was good.. and I can't wait for photos, I bet you looked just stunning!

I hope you can take away all the good memories from your special day, and leave the rest behind.

Lil said...

Im so sorry to hear your wedding night turned out like that. I'm glad the actual ceremony and the day was good. Found your blog through Kate's btw :)
Luv Lil xox

Cazzie!!! said...

Get rooted you pack of losers!!
Hahaha, suits name of blog!!

Kitty said...

So many weddings start off great and disolve into family fights Jules. Soooo many. I am really sorry that things took that turn for you.

You love your man and now you are married to him. That is what matters.

Karen and Rachel said...

*hugs* hun on how your wedding night turned out! Sounds like your actual day was fantastic though - can't wait to see the photos!
OH love the name of the new blog too!

Tania said...

Oh Jules - the nerve of them? It's bad enough that they can do that on your wedding day but then to say that you owe THEM an apology? With all the planning and effort that goes into your wedding day it should be full of happy memories!

B said...

OMG - thank fuck we can pick our friends cos your family sounds like mine! So sorry they ruined your day honey.

CaramelKitKat said...

Shit a brick Jules, that sucks. The good thing is that you and Blair will be fine. This marriage was about formalising a bond that was cemented a long time ago, not establishing the first ties of one. Imagine if you were some young'un, sweating it out over whether this would be the end! OK, not the perfect wedding, but you are made of tougher stuff than what your family can dole out. I'd be giving your family a wide berth too. Fuck 'em. I doubt this is the first time and it won't be the last, take a stand about what is acceptable in YOUR family and stick to your guns.

Post pics ASAP, I am busting to see them!

Anonymous said...

congrats and I hope that family stuff sorts its shit out soon!

Captain Smack said...

See, this is why all ceremonies and social functions should be accompanied by a catapult. Anyone who is acting out of line, or is ruining everyone else's good time, they get strapped into the catapult and sent flying. Wouldn't that have been satisfying?

Helena said...

oh mate, so sorry to hear your day didnt bring you everything you hoped for. Families are freaks, and trust me ... it aint just yours *hugs*

Anne said...

So sad for you guys! They have wrecked your day!

Anne said...

So sad for you guys! They have wrecked your day!

Rachel said...

That post could have been straight out of an eposide of the young and the restless..........you poor thing.

How DARE they act like that on your wedding day. It was YOUR DAY not there's. If it was me I wouldn't get over this until each and everyone of them apologised.

And I would tell them why in great detail.

Oh Jules - how dare they ruin your day!

Sue said...

Bloody hell, you're supposed to be able to count on your family for support, not to fuck things up for you!
Remember, Blair and the kids are your main family now - the rest of them are nowhere near as important as that.

Marie said...

stupid f*cken family! ((((hugs)))) to you, sorry that they wrecked. Grrr!

Mellisa said...

OH shit that was the advise I had to give you before you got married .... DON'T INVITE FAMILY!! *giggle*
It is always the night they decide to air their differences!! lol ....
I am sorry to hear about the ending but am glad the day was perfect!!

Oh and where is the link to my blog? heh??

Anonymous said...

ooooh Jules!
what a memorable day?

Well, you married the bloke you love, and the rest, can indeed get fucked.

Family will still be family, regardless of what you do.

Best to make yourself happy first, worry about others later.

Thanks for posting - loved the tale!

Steph said...

Holy snapping duck shit! The fucking nerve of them!!
I'm so sorry your night was ruined, but put it into perspective that you are now married to the man you love and nothing can taint that.

One day you may look back an laugh......maybe.... ((Hugs))

crankybee said...

*jaw dropped*

Firstly - "bum fucked", "self centred wankers" and "wankstains"...you have the ability to entertain even in your darkest hour, girl.

Well, I don't know what to say. I think you need to speak to your brothers when you have calmed down about their inappropriate behaviour. I am pleased you are not just sucking it up and pretending it never happened. Good on you for sticking up for how you feel, you know?

Sort it with the B man ASAP if you haven't already. He needs to know you are on his side...do you think you were defending your brothers?

Poor old married laydee...hang in there. You will sort it, girl.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Omfg... family sure suck in the hour of need dont they... unfkn believable..
I would be giving them a wide berth if I were you also..
I cant believe they dont even understand why they should apologise for thier disgusting behaviour.. Grrrrr.. Well I hope in time you can actually have SOME fond memories of your spec day...
But going to bed angry on your wedding night is something that isnt going to fade quickly..
Hugs to you... of and I am glad you had some gluten free deserts.. hehe

zara said...

I'm speechless. How RUDE!!

just janene said...

OMG families, can live with 'em, can't live without 'em. What a real shame. I can believe that your brother-in-law (hope I got that right) wants an apology from you! And your Mum wants to go to some family doo... for-fucken-get it!!! No-fucken-way, until EVERYONE apologises to you (including Blair, btw!!)

At least you have some good memories of the ceremony etc to remember :)

Sandra said...

Families are nightmares. I'm sure mine would be the same if I ever did it. (Don't intend to!)

They ruined your wedding evening and sound like a bunch of dicks. Did anyone actually think it was YOUR day and whatever injustices they felt should be put aside for you?

I remember my sister's 21st ended up in a brawl (my family are all Scots) with chairs being cracked over people's heads and everything.

Well - at least it can only get better now!

~Miss Smack said...

I would approach everyone that upset you after they've all calmed down and let them know, calmly and cooly that their behaviour affected your wedding night and that you're going to wait until they have such a moment in their life and start flashing your vadge as the 'crazy sister'

Family are fuckers. That's why I left mine in another state and banned them from entering the South Australian borders.

LaLa said...

Love, I am so sorry. I need to read the rest of your posts to catch up but I am just sad they ruined your wedding night.

Families can be such crunts.

Miss Beck said...

Lala is right, family can be such crunts.

Jules, this is about you, Blair and those gooooorgeous children. No other fuckstick.

I'm so sorry to hear that it ended the way it did but the ceremony sounded wonderful!

Mae said...

Oh, gosh Jules... I'm so sorry! I just came by to read how it went - because I'm way behind in blog reading, as usual. I'm sorry that it wasn't the sweet night it should've been.

Everyone is right, of course. The others don't matter, but saying that doesn't get you back your wedding night... maybe in a few years you can renew your vows - ALONE!