Monday, February 4, 2008

Sober Driver

There are many things that suck about being the sober driver, especially at a wedding. The atmosphere is always condusive to partying and that is not so much fun if you are sober. I did have 2 glasses of bubbly with dinner but that was it.

There are also many benefits.

You get to remember all that was said and done.
You get to dictate the terms a wee bit.
You have your husband forever in your debt for driving him and his extended family around until 4.30am.
You always get into the clubs as you don't look like you're drunk, because you aren't I suppose!!
You can still dance around and be a headbanger at the pub with the live band because everyone else, except the people you are driving, think you're drunk.
The people you are driving often forget you aren't drunk too.
You don't have to pay through the roof for a bloody cab.
You get to laugh your arse off at two of your husband's aunty's having a fight in the back of your vehicle (esp when they start calling each other cunts and threaten to punch each other's lights out).
You get to keep your wits about you around your husband's uncle who was released from jail a couple of years ago for violent rape (nice genetics there darling!!).
You get to wake up just feelng tired and not like you've eaten some woolen socks, have a fire inside your belly and a punk band inside your head.
You don't need the next morning crappy feed as you are quite happy with a light brekkie.

Then you go to the post wedding barbie and you are told by generous husband (of course nothing to do with seediness!!) that you can drink today and he'll drive.

So you have a bottle of bubbly, get tipsy immediately and want to carry on.
Then hubby decides to go diving with the groom and some cuzzies from the far north.
They are gone for 6 hours!!
So who sobers up very quickly to be in charge of her four offspring??

I still had a great time - absolutely brilliant wedding, powhiri the night before and barbie the day after. There was a lot of culture and love and the bride's extended family, all from north of Whangarei, were absolutely darling people. Genuine as hell and just considered you part of their family immediately.


What does your family do at weddings??


Cazzie!!! said...

When I was 6 I was flowergirl at my Aunt's wedding. Her family had 16 kids in it. There were 8 boys. They were Irish, they had red hair and they loved to fight. What did they do? Got pissed and had a fight. I sat underthe table and ate the wedding cake, LOL.
Now, at weddings, we dance all throught he reception...hokey pokey one of my favs :)

Linda said...

I love weddings, it's usually a good time to catch up with people/relo's you haven't seen in ages. I don't get pissed at weddings, just because I don't think it's the time and place for it. Most of the weddings we go to or have been to are Greek so we get our fix of Greek dancing and work off all the food we've eaten.

Sounds like you had a good night.

Yummy Mummy said...

Has to be some benefits from not drinking.. the hang over is usally enough for em not to do it again! (For a while anyway)

Spiky Zora Jones said... sound like you had a blast. Partying with family is the most wonderful fun I have ever had...well other than that three some with those two cheer leaders in college. GO Bruins! True story.


In my family we have Italian, Greek, Spanish, weddings. Thay are a blast. All flow in fabulous foods, wine, the bubbly and Cabbo Wabbo. I heart Cabbo Wabbo.

Sweetie to avoid bad hang-overs, drink alcohol that is white or light in color. You may not avoid the hangover but it will lessen the effect. I don't know why it works, a doctor mentioned it.

Glad you had fun and the hubby too. :D

Ciao babes.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

ha! yeha I tend to drink a bit too much at weddings. BUT the champagne is sooo goooooooooooddddd :)my family gets pretty crazy, drinks, dances and acts merry and sleeps the whole day after

m said...

My family? Mother's side very boring. Father's side....totally great. Hubby's know with the exception of the old people and damn good time.

I hate wedding though. I'm so tired of them.

Mellisa said...

We always have a ball when we all get together .... then as soon as you turn your back ..... WATCH OUT!!! You can feel the knives in your back *giggle*

Ms Smack said...

My parents embarass us because they refuse to get dressed up and sit quietly in the corner like wall-flowers, then go home early, which helps everyone relax.

I get pissed, dance stupid, remember better years, bond with people I don't keep in contact with and hope for a party-pash.

Then I count my lucky stars that most of my weddings are out of state and know no one will recognise me. Then I slink back into SA with dark sunnies and tell everyone I had a quiet weekend in the garden.