Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Going Hippy

I've decided, that's fucken enough.

I've had it with being responsible and planning life time and time again to hve it fail.

I am going to the bush------y armpits brigade. I'm am going to burn incense (already do), smoke pot and have wonton sex with my husband and wear moontime cotton pads and rinse them in a bucket and pour the fertile water over my vegetables (salad anyone??).

I'm going to celebrate my womanhood, my life, my spirituality and I'm going to get the crystals out and balance my chakras. I'm going to smile and make my own bootleg rum and live off the land and bathe in the river and warm my bare breasts under the sun.

I'm going to let my kids run feral in the fields and chase butterflies and skip and sleep under the stars. I'm going to swim in the river, listen to the trees and rise and fall by the sun.

I'm going to live, laugh, love and be happy (when the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin along).

I'm going to learn tantric sex and dance under the moon and be a witch and make potions and wear flowy skirts and tie dyed indian tops.

Fuck it's going to be great ..... anyone else up for it???


Hippygal said...

OMG that sounds like pure bliss....... hell I would be in :-)

Lynda said...

Well said!!!! well all except the hair armpits. Life is for living and you must live and you feel.

I liked your comment to me about eating like an elephant etc... only trouble with that is I really don't eat that much. It is such a fine line for me between too much and losing weight. I've had it with being rigid though and weighing in at WW and all that. Long, slow loss will do me just fine.

Kate said...

It certainly does sound like bliss!

Hippygal said...

I have just dedicated part of my post to this one...boy girl you have really got me thinking.....

donna said...

sounds just up my street jules as jaxx said pure bliss i too have the crystals , incense & my chakras are balanced just need the partner to have the tantric sex lmao
have a nice day

Cazzie!!! said...

I'm with ya Jules...on this the fullest Moon we will snag wandering travellers and tie them to stakes and dance around with feathers in our hair..yeehaa!!
Damned, I just not ten minutes ago shaved my arm pits too!

rand(om) bites said...

Ha! You just reminded me of Starhawk - http://www.starhawk.org/writings/spiraldance.html

Jules said...

HG: Doesn't it, how can I get it??

Lynda: Yeah, the hairy armpits was a metaphor, I don't think I could handle them in reality!!

Kate: Definitely Bliss, how do I get there??

HG: Oooh, I've started the fire burning!!

Mary: I'm off there now!!

Donna: surely you can practise the tantric with yourself?? LOL!!

Cazzie: Throw away the razor girl, we'll just brew up our own natural wax to get rid of the hair (or sneak in some NADS!!)

Hippygal said...

Jules just spoke to Boyd about it and he could be keen just did an updated post on what we discussed.... Beginning to think it may just happen :-)

Tully said...

Sounds like an awesome lifestyle to me, much better than the daily grind that is currently my life!

Christy_Ann said...

If only. It's all grocery lists, mounds of ironing and same, same, same this end.

Cinders said...

Go for it Jules ;)

Tania said...

Oh if only life was so easy!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Me me me...I up for it Jules.

Oh hey...it's fun to do. I mean the sex parts. hehehe

Kind of reminds me of summer vacay...up Northern Cali.

Good times sweetie...good times.
Ciao hon.

Chris H said...

Ummmm, I already let the boobies see the sun.. as for the rest? Na I like me modern comforts too much. SHOOT ME.

Jules said...

HG: Good on ya chick!!

Tully: I say "fuk off" to the daily grind!!

Christy Ann: Sounds good aye??

Cinders: I just may!!

Tania: But it can be. Just simplify

Spiky: I knew you'd love it!

Chris: Who said anything about getting rid of modern comforts?? You can be a hippy where ever you live!!

Rachel said...

I can see this turning into a really cool movie!

You are the perfect girl to do it, go for it.

Anonymous said...

*lmao* I'm in!!! Just ummmm no salad for me heh!! *vomit*

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Hmmm Think I will pass on the salad too... *cough*
Moon pads dont do it for me either!!
Damn I hate hairy pits too.. I'd be a terrible hippy!

AlleyCat said...

I'd be happy to be a hippy in the bush, but I'd have to pass on the moon pads too. Not to sure about the hairy bits either. I would be happy to grow all my own food though & I already have flowy skirts & tie dyed indian tops :0)

Anonymous said...

.......don't know if i could fit it all in!

Jules said...

Rachel: Would be a cool movie aye? I see Julianna M as the lead actress, you know the old head nurse off ER??

Mellissa: Lucky July ain't salad season in Canterbury aye??

Wanna: You know you'd love my fresh green salad with organic raspberry balsamic vinegar dressing. Bwwwwaaaahhhaaahhhhaaa.

AlleyCat: I used to have those items of clothing, in all sorts of styles, but then I got fat and fat and tie dye don't mix well!!

Airlie: Sure you could!!

Middle Child said...

Can you do tantric sex with yourself??? other wise i am not bothered...I was lucky and unlucky... i had the best man i could ever have had and even as a Quadriplegic, I had a better sexual life than many I know...he was a devil and so was i. So can i be a hippy too, minus some bloke who just thinks about him self...I have been too spoilt. A sexual life within a marriage that didn't start with Quadriplegia but had 25 years with it. is not a fashhionable topic...but hey the human race would have died out without chaps like don...and am happy to praise him now...he was darn good!

Can I be a hippy too?

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