Thursday, January 8, 2009


Drownings, trampers going missing, children dying in fires ....

What is it about summer that makes people think they are invincible and no longer heed the natural warnings and danger signs of life??

The one that affects me the most is the fires. There have been a number of deaths recently of children in fires. This week four children were killed in a house fire. The adults had been frying food and left the pan unattended. A harsh price to pay for a bit of absentmindedness. (is that a word??)

Sunburn?? I had my sister in law pop around the other day with her kids and mother in tow. The mother is 64 and yet, was foolish enough to sit outside with her bra and pants on (skin that never usually sees the light of day) and had severe sunburn. What a dick. I mean any mother, especially a grandmother, knows that the sun burns.

People!!! Think about things, take a minute to assess the risks, we aren't invincible, sometimes you just can't be so cruisey. You have to pick and choose the things in life that are cruise-worthy.

Be safe.


Chris H said...

I agree, this summer has been horrendous so far! Far too many deaths.

Cazzie!!! said...

I did watch the story of the poor children being burned in that house fire unfold on the telly. It made me feel sick.
People and sun burn... so irresponsible I cannot say it any better than you did!
The other thing that amazes me is that people get out their boats and water craft after a 12 mth period, no tune up of motor or service or whatever and decide to go for a cruise.. this equals disaster on the water and extra use of the emergency services rescuing the idiots 5ks off shore!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Ha...Jules, sometimes I forget it's summer there.

I hate the fires when we have summer...and the thing is people purposely set them.

My last boss...What a winner, caught his house on fire doing that very same thing...the frying pan was spewing fire and he took hold of it and tried to walk out the front door with it...he was spilling hot grease on the carpet as he went...the kitchen ceiling scorched and his carpet burned as well, but he got the pan outside and the carpet fire out. He burned his hands in the process.

Don't ask me how he went to the bathroom.

I couldn't believe his story. Why didn't you put the lid on the frying pan? I asked.

He hadn't thought abou that.

I can't wait for spring. :D

I hope the new year is going wonderfully for you.


Lynda said...

My thoughts exactly!!!! about the fire I heard it was the kids who made chips after the adults had gone to bed... not sure. Then there was the tragic accident where the 9 yr old died while water skiing and the two kids killed and the father while driving south of Hamilton. Just tragic.

Chris H said...

Ha! Ya don't need 'funds' to lose weight, just bloody determination! Going to WW or whatever is so not necessary, just not eating crap is. Onward mate, we can and will kick them friggin kilos to the curb eh?

Jayne said...

Jeez, you'd definitely think a grandma would have the bloody sense not to sit out in her undies on a scorching day! (Reminds me of my sisterbylaw who smothered herself in COOKING oil (I kid you not!) & then sat out in the sun between 12 noon & 2pm. She wondered why she'd burnt so bad she came up in blisters within hours. Silly cow!)
It takes all sorts to make the world go round Jules.

Middle Child said...

As I said earlier today to someone..."You can't educate for common sense"

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