Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Naturally Outspoken

I am!!

I leave comments on other's blogs that turn into novels!! I don't mean any condescending attitude to come across, I really honestly don't.

I have the beauty of a great deal of knowledge of nutrition, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology and naturopathy at my fingertips. I am at the end of a great many years studying Naturopathy.

I definitely don't practise what I preach but I try to. My aim is to be there one day soon.

So, I just thought I would start sharing this knowledge with you guys too. You can choose to listen, you are welcome to have your opinions and I mine. At the moment I am sharing it more in comments on your blogs when I feel someone is struggling and may need a wee pep talk or a bit of info that they may just not know, as we can't presume that everybody knows how there body works and that everybody knows the ins and outs of nutrition etc.

I am aware though that I may be coming across as outspoken but, then again, if I am commenting on your blog, chances are you know me, read me and are fully aware that I do say what I think. Not all the time but the majority of the time.

I think this is more an attempt to let you know that I am not intending to sound like a know-it-all, I am not trying to tell you all what to do, I am just sharing my ideas.

So, now that that is cleared up I better go and continue my learning processes and master the bones and structures of the human skull.



rand(om) bites said...

Whoops, I reckon I come across as a bit forceful too sometimes and some people don't know my background or why I talk the way I do! LOL - it's all good. Take it or leave it :-)

Anne said...

I like your opinions, and really I would imagine most bloggers like getting comments and would appreciate the advice.

Cinders said...

Feel free to leave a pep talk on my blog any day :)

The Fat Girl said...

I love the fact you have an opinion, Your don't take shit from anyone and you stand up for yourself. It is what makes you a beautiful and inspiring person. xxx

Chris H said...

You leave long comments? REally! Can't say I've had any.... from memory anyway! You are welcome to rant on me blog anytime....

Margaret said...

I feel cheated, most Ive had from you is a one liner!!!!!

kathrynoh said...

I love long comments :) They are the best and I reckon people who can't handle someone expressing an opinion are pants anyways. Rant your heart out.

Janine said...

I too love you sharing your opinion. Sometimes it takes someone to say something that jolts someone awake.

AlleyCat said...

Love you Chicka!!!! easy's are welcome any time!!! BYW what do you think about kineseology??? (sp?)

AlleyCat said...

**Easys?? Essays!!!!

Middle Child said...

You go for it. My daughters have also done a fair bit of study here and I subscribe them to a health journal which advises on Vaccinations 9or not) honestly and toxins etc...Out of my four sisters there is only one who has any idea of nutrition and she and I are the only two without degrees...they just don'e have a clue apart from the food pyramid that they useed to preach in school...which is a disaster.

Have you thought to have a look at the Australiasian College of Nurtitional and Environmental Medicine's website... (ACNEM) Alison's and now my GP is one of their people and she is brilliant... they have lectures on their site somewhere about many issues no one else touches. Go for it jules

Tully said...

I love reading your long comments, not only on my blog, but on other peoples blogs too. I think it shows that you have put some genuine thought into what you want to say and have taken the time to impart your advice or experience.

We all get those comments that are 'preachy' or totally misinterpret what we are saying (but mean well) and it is frustrating, but your comments are always right on the mark. Don't apologise for that!

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