Monday, March 30, 2009

Dream Home

I have my ideal dream home in my mind's eye.

But what is yours??

Let me know which of the following is your idea of the ultimate place to spend the years:

Beachside Bach:

or Lodge in the Sounds:

or Apartment in CBD:

or a big new House that gets noticed:

or a High Country Farm:

or Villa in the Burbs:

Which is your dream??

If none are shown here, and you can be bothered, find a link to what YOU consider your dream and post it in a comment so I can find it.

And let's see how well you know me - which is my dream??

This will be interesting, come out of the woodwork and let me know. I love this sort of shit!! LOL


Lynda said...

Well for me it would have to be the house by the beach (I love the sounds but it's just a bit remote). I think the high country might be your choice.

kathrynoh said...

My initial reaction is the beach house - I've always thought I wanted one but seriously the isolaton etc would kill me. For many years I had an image in my head of this old, white house by the sea with red geraniums in the garden.

If I had to make a choice, in reality I'd prolly go for the CBD apartment - no lawns or garden to worry about and so convenient to everything. Plus they normally have a gym/pool etc! Or maybe a variation on that like an awesome apartment in a cool inner city suburb.

I think my obvious choice for you is the farm.

Cazzie!!! said...

A house in the Highlands by the sea..thats for me. It can be achieved here in Victoria. A place called Kilcunda... it is down near Phillip ISland. It has a rural quality, lots of dairy farms, high lush grass, and the sea is right there too. Awesome post Jules!

AlleyCat said...

For me - where the mountains meet the sea! Preferably in the country. Big Veggie Patch; horse to ride, chooks for eggs. Open plan house, bit rooms, BIG kitchen, open fireplace to lay in front of in winter while I look out at the stormy ocean; beach to walk on all year round.

For you - farm in the country so you can have lots of horses! Not sure if you want a bit of beach too!!

Lee-Anne said...

Actually I'm going to be greedy and pick two because this is what we hope to do. We plan on Semi retiring at the beach and working three days and for that we'll need a small apartment in the CBD.

And I think it's pretty safe to say you'll go for the High Country especially considering where you got married.

Bron said...

I would take the villa in the burbs any long as the burbs are Mt Eden or Grey Lynn! I've always wanted to do a a villa - one day!

B xx

Jules said...

Lynda: Knew yours would be the beach, you pretty much have your dream now.

Kathrynoh: Maybe weeks in the city apartment and weekends at a cruisey wee beach bach somewhere remote??

Cazzie/AlleyCat: I think we should all go in together and buy land!!LOL

Lee-Anne: Thinking outside the square, I like it!!

Bron: Hilariously the Villa pictured is for sale in Grey Lynn. And please elaborate, you want to do a Villa?? I have images of you gyrating against the front door!! LOL Dirty minds and all.

Chris H said...

The Sounds for me! And the apartment in the city.... and the beach! I am greedy.

You? The High Country Farm.

Paula said...

I have to agree with others ... from what I know of you from your posts, I'd say High Country Farm for you.

For me, definitely the Lodge in the Sounds or the Bach at the Beach - I'm a water babe, and love being near water.

Margaret said...

For me,the Lodge in the Sounds or the Villa in the Burbs, I suppose rightly or wrongly the farm for you.

Anne said...

The beach bach for me! Although because we do have one I know that I couldn't live there all the time, so would opt for the villa in the burbs.

We really have it perfect now - or near to. We have our bach and also live in a rural area just on the outskirts of town. Love it.

Lynda said...

So come on - which one for you?? And about your post, I do remember Susan Powter but her diet was eat anything as long as it is low fat. I remember having her book and it totally backfired for me, looking back probably because it was high carb.

mapstew said...

Hi, came via Clyde. I was the 5000th person to view your profile so I guess I win a prize?

Middle Child said...

I love the mountains and high country best...a high country farm house, ot that last house down the bottom but built in the highlands...

Middle Child said...

I think you would like a highlands farm but as cazzie said close to the coast...not too far from town - as you have kids and like the odd night out..

Anonymous said...

4 me Beach house for a holiday bach...but apartment for living in


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi baby doll. I would say the big new house that gets noticed, but my girl would be happiest in a farm house. And when she's happy...I am too.

Psst, I've lived on farm house before. It's nice but nature is a tad spooky at night.

ciao sweetie...have a fab weekend.

Jules said...

Hi Jules2

Me - the beach house.
(I actually found a project home I loved, but it's been deleted. Maybe they aren't doing it anymore? It was a split level home - amazing)

You? I don't know you enough (ok, I don't know you at all!). I have no idea! It'd be a total guess. The big house that gets noticed? ;) You're a mother of 4 kids, aren't you? So you need the big house!

Jules (#1)
(the one from Melbourne)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Oooh...give me that lodge! All of them are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I confess...the high country farm. I desire the peace and quiet in my old age...


ladypenelope said...

I would LOVE to live in the Sounds, such a beautiful part of the country. Then I could live my hippy dream of being an artist instead of my boring reality in science...

For you, well I'd probably agree with the majority and say the farm.

Tamakikat said...

I like the would be nice to go oover to Welly every once in a while though.

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