Thursday, March 26, 2009

So Here's My Ten Cents Worth ......

Thank you all for your input whichever side of the fence you reside on.

I found this extremely interesting debate, although a large majority of you didn't follow my train of thought with regard to the question. I was not thinking in the terms of how one treats the home they live in, whether they rent or own it. I was thinking in broader terms:

This is what I think:

I am strictly of the believe that it is wrong to pigeon hole people because of any factor of their lives.

I think that every person in every walk of life, in every financial circumstance, of every religious belief, of every race, of every nation, in any country, in any family circumstance .... EVERY PERSON can be responsible regardless of their place in life.

I don't think that every Arab is a suicide bomber.

I don't think that every gay man loves Gucci.

I don't think that every solo mother is irresponsible.

I don't think that every married couple with 2.5 children, a white picket fence, 2 incomes, a mortgage and a Toyota Prado are the model that society should strive to attain.

I think there are plenty of responsible people that choose to live their lives in a million different variable ways, their financial choices do not make them wise nor do they make them better than anybody else in any aspect of their lives.

I don't think that being a homeowner gives you any more entitlement to enjoy a dog as part of your family.

I don't think that as you move up the salary ladder that you are going to be able to be a better parent or pet owner.

I don't believe that financial security makes you a more responsible person - exhibit a: all the big bankers that are sitting pretty and are the cause of the state of the world's economic issues at the moment.

Responsibility is more about being accountable, about taking pride, about making sure that you are doing the best you can with what you have.

There are house bus dwelling hippies with 8 children and a staffy in tow that are a million times more responsible than some homeowners.

I believe that being a good parent is responsible.

I think that choosing to not terminate your baby just because you don't own a home or have a nest egg to support it is responsible.

Not too many centuries ago we all lived in a whole different way than we do now. Was the King of the Land more responsible because he owned the land than the peasant out in the fields toiling on the land to feed the village and his family?
This world is an extremely judgemental place and it was not so many centuries ago that many pagan spiritual women were burned at the stake for what was deemed as witchcraft.

I believe that we all have the capability to be responsible regardless of any of our extrinsic or intrinsic factors in our lives. So go forth, be responsible, have the odd bout of irresponsible behaviour too, it's good for the soul.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

What! Every gay man doesn't like Gucci!

When did this happen?

Last time we were in Miami's South Beach...Oh well I guess it was just a fad, like the pet rock huh?

I think you've got it sweetie,

Ciao honey.

Lynda said...

I agree 100% with all that you said. I hope you didn't take my comments the wrong way. I do not for a second think that not owning a house makes you irresponsible. Heck, Stu never owned a house until he met me and he is/was the most responsible person I know! I gave you my gut feeling generalisation as to why I/people feel the way they do.

You are obviously not irresponsible and I love seeing you grow and face your challenges and become a better person for it :)

Tracy said...

Well said, it was actually great to see a good blig debate especially where it did not get nasty or personal attacks were made on other peoples opinions.

For the record - if I had a rental property near you I would have you as a tenant (dog & all) in a heartbeat.

Helena (Leenie) said...

I reckon property managers are a bunch of wankers quite frankly. They stereotypically judge everyone and it pisses me off. O can say this, because I've had conversations with lets see ... hmmmm 12 of them now and they all had the same attitude. We've got two golden retrievers, we sold our home in October last year and thankfully we have been able to rent two houses without any issues. Nice houses too! The first house we knew the landlord the second house we advertised in the local paper and had 7 phone calls! After meeting all the landlords we had a pick of 5 houses! Primoooooooo!! Are we responsible ... fuck no ... we've just chucked in brilliant jobs, sold our home and moving to a small semi rural town which is based on a seasonable tourist workforce ... AWESOME HUH?!???! LMFAO ... ah well guess we might um grow up one day. Keep the rubber on the road and stay upright ;)

Middle Child said...

I learned a very valuable lesson while in Royal North Shore Hospital alongside Don as they killed him with their mistakes and negligience...
"It they pretend not to see something, then it didn't happen.
If it didn't happen then they don't have to acknowledge it. If they don't have to acknowledge it then they are not responsible.
Then they can all go home, good girlies and boyos and thinnk they had done the job well and when the patient is killed by this attitude, hey no one is responsible"

Too many people with this attitude are in all the Government systems, in hospitals in admin everywhere, in the supermarket, with the phone comapny etc etc...

Anonymous said...

This post was very well said Jules! I agree with you.

I hope you're doing ok.

~Cheeky Kisses~

m said...

Go Jules!

Our neighbor (husband makes at least $500,000 per year) she is "pefect" with her "perfect" children (i'm being sarcastic) is the WORST PET OWNER EVER! I think I actually blogged about her this September. Anyhow you are dead on!

Tania said...

Society - sadly so many of us conform to what we think society expects of us! Maybe it's fear of being judged if we don't, maybe we just need to speak up a bit more often and have our own opinions heard.

We all do things differently - it doesn't make one person right and one wrong, they're just different.

EmmaK said...

I think - at the risk of putting the cat amongst the pigeons - that we tend to see other people from our own perspective. For example you are a responsible person thus you will believe others to be responsible unless proved otherwise, whereas I have always been pretty irresponsible thus expect people to be irresponsible unless proved otherwise!