Monday, March 9, 2009


I am so sore. I have sore muscles I never knew existed from letting my inner Beyonce loose on the dance floor for over four hours. Oh god did I sweat my arse off. (if you are my Facebook buddy you can check out the truely hideous photos over there!!)

I sung, I danced, I laughed, I drunk, (I spewed - LMAO) and I had a ball of a time.

Got to Akaroa about 1.00pm. Had a small lunch and a couple of wines. Then we dressed up in our bridesmaid dresses, Kim in her bridal attire and we headed down the one of the local pubs to start the Akaroa Amazing Race. Our first task (we were in two teams) was to play the chocolate game but with some crazy cocktail in the place of the chocolate. So every time somebody in the team rolled a 6 that person had to put on a hat, a ring, a necklace, a garter and a boa and start doing shots of the cocktail shaker. You had to keep doing shots until the next person in your team rolled a 6. It was hilarious, both teams spilled the shakers and we proceeded on to the next task. We had to scooter down the main street to the Rec ground and here we had to compete in three tasks. The first was chipping golf balls into upside down umbrellas, then we had to throw water balloons and catch them without them bursting and see which team could get the furtherest distance between them. The third was the funniest. We had to race in teams to the middle of the field, skull a cup of Ginger Tom (an alcoholic ginger beer made by the Dux) and then put our foreheads on a ski pole sticking out of the ground and twirl around it 20 times. Then you had to run back and tag your next team member to do the same. It was hilarious as you were so dizzy that you thought you were running forward but you would end up running in the totally opposite direction. Just a blast. It was at this point that a car pulled up with a German celebrity who was doing a tour of NZ (sort of like when our Celebs do the Intrepid Journeys) and she had a photographer with her (a fucken bossy one at that) who wanted photos of her with us and then quizzed us to what we were doing. The funny thing is they just didn't understand us and we are sure we will end up in some German Woman's Day with a wee story about us that was completely wrong. She thought it was the wedding!!!

Next we had to scooter down to the waterfront and then went on these:

where we had to paddle out to a buoy and around it and race back. It was so hard!!! It was hilarious.

After this we went back to the holiday house and drunk wine and ate nibbles until about 8pm when we got dressed up and went out for dinner at Vangionis:

I had Akaroa Salmon on fresh herbs for dinner, it was divine!! Then we headed to the Madeira Hotel and danced our arses off. It was rocking. By 1.45am we decided to head back to the house where we sung and danced to the Little River Band and drunk Pina Coladas till about 4am when we just had to go to bed. By 5am I was back up fighting for the toilet where I spewed so hard that it made me pee my pants!! Nice one.

Fucken great weekend.


The Fat Girl said...

Haha lol what a great weekend. Hope your head is ok today ;) xx

Cinders said...

I think you were way overdue for a good weekend - glad you had a ball x

Lee-Anne said...

Lol, what a hoot. Reminds me of a boozy version of top town.

Glad you had a good time out and let your hair down.

Hmmm, pina coladas. I reacquainted myself with them last year in Raro. Very smooth going down.

Hope the weeks going well.

AlleyCat said...

sounds bloody hillarious!! except the porcelin bus. Anyhoo. glad you had an awesome weekend!!!! LRB???? LMFAO!!!!! a little ray of sunshine.............singing along now..............

Middle Child said...

I can't let myself get to the spew stage ever because it always triggers a day long migraine and I vomit all day with unbelievable pain...takes me a week to recover from the migraine...God does have a sense of humour I am sure...glad you ahd such a great time jules

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