Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Whom I Be Rolling With #1

A few bloggers I know do this, or did this. They would regularly let you into their world of blog reading. Now you all know what I blog about, from the comments you can see who is reading and commenting. So I thought, to let you into what I enjoy, I will give you an insight into what I enjoy reading.

There will be four categories:

Mod Cons: Blogs that I am just starting to enjoy.

Faithfuls: My favourites, the girls or boys that are my comfort, my ears, my daily reads, laughs and from whom I take the most life lessons from.

Antiques: Those that have gone, maybe to come back, maybe not, some missing in action.


The Secret Drawer: The password blogs. Those that I have the privledge of being invited to read.

Now I have titled them all based on household items, I don't know why, I just have.

The Mod Cons are the new gadgets, the little things that you're glad you have discovered to make life easier or better.

The Faithfuls are the comfort blankets, the old cushions, the favourite chair, the best place in the house, life would be hard without them.

The Antiques are the old treasures in your house. They timeless, valuable yet you don't use them anymore...

and the Secret Drawer, well that's where you hide the vibrator!!! The good things that for whatever reason aren't left on the kitchen table.

So the first inaugral post:

My current Mod Con is Epskee at Barrel of Monkeez. This woman is brilliant, outspoken, real. I love her frankness, open book attitude and love that I found her. Check her out when you have a spare minute but be warned, she is self proclaimed 18+, not for the easily offended.

My Faithfuls, there are SO many of you that help me out daily and you all know who you are and I will be going through each and every one of you (it would help if some of you would blog more regularly again *AHEM* moving on). The first of you to be mentioned is my darling Therese at Middle Child. This gem of lady is one of the few people in life that I truely admire. Every time I read her I swell with emotion, I feel her heart and mind and soul. She is a brilliant writer, mother, artist, wife and advocate of the downtrodden. She runs against the mainstream and has dealt with a shit load of adversity in the last couple of years losing her paraplegic husband Don in a myriad of medical fuckups that ended his brilliant life. She is strong, spiritual and I wish I lived next door to her!! I found her through Cazzie, who I found through Steph, who I found through Kirsty. It's all about networking.

The Antique of this post, I had two in mind who I am fully missing but, due to her recent Facebook admissions, and the fact that this post is getting really long and I can combine the Antiques with the Secret Drawer with this one - my hidden antique vibrator this time around is Becks at Does My Opinion Look Big in This?. Obviously you will have needed to have previously been invited to this blog to see the musings of this awesome woman. She is vivacious, wears her heart on her sleeve, gorgeous, real, a brilliant mother, has overcome setbacks and has shown how a positive attitude can have a positive effect on your life. She found love and happiness and decided to leave to focus on her lovely life but ....... she is a natural writer, flamboyant story teller and I have a feeling that the lights may be about to come back on over at this little cottage of love. Is that the glow of a lantern I see in the back room?? I think it is xxxxxx



Lynda said...

Oh I miss Becks to! I like the way you categorised the blogs. I don't follow many at all now - I actually probably need to find a few more but I don't want to search them out.

Cazzie!!! said...

I love blogs for the reason you love them too, especially when the person writing them is honest, heart felt and well, lovely :)

Epskee said...


Yeah I do kick ass, huh! (And so modest) But I do have to wonder what I did that needed a warning...? Not surprised though!

Thanks for the props! But did you have to post this when I'm being a big fat sook? LOL

You kick ass too.Even if your hubby is a giant pot-head!

Spiky Zora Jones said...
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Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh Jules, I hope they don't get angry with you...when they see me there at their blogs.

I promise to be a good.

Should I not say...Jules sent me. :D

Ciao honey.

Miss Beck said...

Ladies, I got a message on Facebook to come here and read this today.

I think it's a sneaky trick to get me back blogging. *grin*

Blogging really is something I have no time for to give it the props that I feel it deserves. I can't just write snippet posts.

Thank you for the warm fuzzies. I loved hearing it and it may do some good. ...

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

You forgot about people like me.... you know..the dust bunnies that collect under the table... mwhahahaha
Oh... usually inebriated...

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I loved Becks blog to, I wish she'd come back, facebook just isn't the same. I must say you to are a strong woman who has faced so much and still goes on. I love your blog so just don't you stop!

Anne said...

I've my favourite blogs, never thought to catergorise them! Love how Middle Child writes, her posts are so touching and she has a real talent of writing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jules!

I am honored to be in the secret drawer with the vibrator...

And Ho HO...look what else in in here....SECRETS!


Middle Child said...

Aw shucks...thankee so much...I am nothing out of the appreciate your vote of support...needed these days after some family shit of late.