Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Whom I Be Rolling With #2

If you want to recall the categories, check out Whom I Be Rolling With #1

My current Mod Con is Mapstew, a forty-something dude with a style of writing that I really like. He came to my blog via a comment I had left on someone else's blog. That someone else was on the updated feeds thingy-me-bob on the side of my darling pal Spiky's blog and their blog title for that day caught my eye, it was about how too many people put other people in boxes.. Just goes to show that this crazy little world of blog can lead you to like minded souls all over the world. Love it!!

My Faithfuls, as always, there are so many of you but one stands out to me, especially this week. My darling pal over at Biker Tart Gettin Sexy. She's not the most regular poster but she rocks. She is a diamond in the rough and we have been pals for nearly five years now, if not longer. She has a mouth on her like a trucker but that is part of what I love.

The Antique of this post is my quirky brilliant pal Zara at Yo Heave Ho. She has been MIA for nearly 2 years now but I still hold out for her return - as I dearly love her sense of humour. We are kindred souls and she sends me cards out of the blue all the way from the other side of the world. She has a great way of telling a yarn and you can see yourself right there in the thick of it. She really was a great blogger, come back ye olde tart!!

And hiding in my Secret Drawer is the darling Jo at Creating Wellness. We became pals a couple of years back and she has turned out to be one of my closest friends. We can discuss anything from sperm to cervical vertebrae and it is always an enjoyable yarn. She keeps me grounded and focused on my future as a natural health genius and I just give her suggestions for names for her future offspring. We have met in person, I have her art hanging in my bedroom and we are catching up again soon. I can't wait.



Jo said...

What a lovely paragraph to find written about yourself. Thanks to you, gorgeous lady, my life is a happier place.

You are a total inspiration to me, and help me to believe that contrary to what my brain sometimes thinks, you can still have other areas in your life when you have children. Your dedication to natural health is inspiring and on top of all that, I love love love your analness when it comes to spelling :-)

Looking forward to many more conversations where you can suggest future childrens names to me!



mapstew said...

Go raibh mile maith agat!
(Thanks a million)!

Cazzie!!! said...

I just caught up on your previous post...what an awesome time you and your sproutlings had..happy birthday is also in order :)

Re this post, it is nice to find a kindrid spirit.. not everyone gets that in their life.

Hippygal said...

Have a great easter still popping in to read :-)

Zara said...

This old tart still loves you! I will get my shit sorted out one of these days. :)

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