Monday, April 6, 2009

The Greatest Weekend

Be warned that there are many photos in the post!!

My third spawn turned 4 today.

As her Dad is away today we had an extra special weekend of doing stuff that she wanted to do.

We started early with a trip to McDonalds for breakfast, gluten free Banana Berry Smoothies and hash browns.

Off into the big bad city where we went into the Cathedral and climbed up the tower, 134 or so steps!! It was high, I had a bit of vertigo I'm sure.

When we came down we pottered around the square looking at the little market stalls, when all of a sudden, at 1pm, a heap of people ran together out of nowhere and started having a pillow fight:

Then we went and got Phoebe's ears pierced. Now this was Blair's idea, I didn't get my ears pierced till I was 14 and Peta, our eldest, didn't have hers done till her 9th birthday, but Phoebe wanted them and she was tough as!!

After a day of malls and pottering we came home and then headed out again to see my sister's new house. Swanky with the coolest Caper Green ensuite bathroom.

Sunday we decided to head over to Motukarara and go to the races. It was a great afternoon, free entry, bouncy castles, free merry go round thingy, and free pony rides:

When we got home we had a lovely dinner with "wine" (grape juice).

It topped off an absolute blast of a weekend.


Margaret said...

Awesome family fun day, great photos, there's always something to do that is family orientated. Cheers

Chris H said...

I love all the photos... wow your baby is getting big! So neat to see you having a fantastic weekend chick.

Jo said...

What an awesome weekend - I love those weekends that are totally filled with out-of-the-ordinary family time.
Looking forward to seeing you next month!

Tracy said...

What a lovely day.

I am glad you can still climb the cathedral steps, we were discussing that yesterday as we were not sure & it is one of the (many) things we wanted to do with the kids when we go to CHCH at Christmas.

The Motukarara races are always a great family day out.

AlleyCat said...

Sensational weekend :0)
thanks for sharing!! & with photo's!!!

**Mellisa** said...

Sounded like an awesome weekend!! Just what the doctor ordered!!! Happy Birthday to Miss 4!!!


m said...

She is too stinkin cute! (all your kids are)

Regarding those houses. My first pick is the country and my second house (since we are dreaming here) is the beach house. Forget that. Actually if possible I would live at the beach. A beach that isn't too touristy with all the New Yorkers and Washington DC people. The former are obnoxious and the latter drive the prices up.

No offense to any who live there.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh sweetie...your kids are mommy I might add.

It all sounds so fun and I'm sure it is ...the smiles on every face is a big give-away.

Free pony rides...sweet! know my first ear piercing was done my my friend...old school. You numb it with ice etc...put a potato behind the ear and...close your eyes and it's done. You use thread as an ear ring. That way you just put alcohol on it and slide it ouched a little!

Good times babe...good times, this is one the kids will always remember.

Ciao honey.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh jules...I forgot to say...give the birthday girl a big hug for me...

Ciao again..

mapstew said...

Looks like ye all had a good fun day.

KittyMeow said...

Your kids are so cute!!! And this is coming from someone is decidedly UN-clucky! :-))) Looks like a super fun day was had!

Tania said...

OMG how can she be 4 already??? I remember when she was born, I didn't realise i'd been reading your blog for that long ... lol

Middle Child said...

Your little spawn is so beautiful...such lovely eyes...the window of the soul..loved the photos..thanks...