Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anonymous My Arse

Firstly, new post at Destination Goddess for those that care..

Last year I lived nearer my parents.

Surrounding us is a leased farm that is run by my new neighbour's friend.

Today we had a yarn, nice bloke, although the quickly bought to my attention that he knew that I had complained about him dumping truckloads of pig effluent on his paddocks a couple of times last year.

He was right, I had, the stuff was disgusting and he was dumping it 22 times a day for a while there....

The thing that bloody gets me is that I was repeatedly told that the complaint was anonymous, so were my neighbours. And yet Ecan decided to give him a copy of all the people that had phoned and complained about him, how many times and when. Fuckers.

He was pretty good about it considering he had to pay a $1,100 fine to attend a meeting about it....



Middle Child said...

Take it that nothing is anon these days

Tracy said...

Pretty big breach of the Privacy Act.

Irish Daughter said...

I'm sure he'd have found out who you were if he hadn't resolved the situation. Can just picture you heading his way with a pitch fork otherwise. No such thing as privacy in small places.