Sunday, March 13, 2011

Clearing the Clutter

I'm after advice from the organised among you.

I am in the process of decluttering and sorting my home office.

I currently have shite everywhere, I can't find my marriage certificate and if a disaster happened (and this seems to be a common occurence lately) I would struggle to find all the important documents.

I have been an office and administration manager and am great at setting up new systems in a work situation but seem to struggle at home, maybe because I go a bit over the top and then never end up following it through. I need advice from those of you who know how to keep it simple.

So what I want to know is:

How do you organise your home office?

Where do you keep your important documents and do you have more than one copy?

How do you file your bills etc?


savannah said...

i sure hope you get some answers, sugar, because i need the same sort of help!!!! right now, there is a cardboard box sitting on the floor with bills in it! i think most of them are paid! xoxoxo

Jules said...

A box? A box? You are nearly the most organised person I know if you only have "A" box. LOL

Anne said...

I file my accounts in East light folders, one for home, one for farm, beach house and what was our business. All A - Z and the newest ones on top. Also file GST returns and bank accounts in other folder.

I have a pull out file with the drop in files (hope you know what I mean) and they are labelled. I haven't yet but feel I should photo copy all important documents and keep the originals in our safe.

Dealing with mail as soon as it comes in helps as well.

LOL - I need to practise what I preach and keep up with my filing!

Mom said...

I've always believed that a clean desk was the symptom of an empty mind.If that is true my mind is very full and cluttered.

kittie444 said...

Oh my God = its like reading about MY life... decluttering is what we have struggled with all weekend and so far (and about 5 rubbish bags later) we have done 2 rooms!! Bloody disgusting - all the crap we have! I am ashamed of myself...

And now that the disasters are happening right on our doorsteps I think it's a good idea... and I can't find my marriage certificate either!!! I have a birth certificate for my daughter Paige but nothing else.... maybe a couple of insurance papers...

I need one of those home makeovers where they come and declutter - without the "going on the telly" part!!

I will be coming back for feedback you get!!! Best of luck.

Kate (

Cinders said...

I use a folder at home for our birth, marriage business certificates. I have stopped getting bank statements in the paper form because everything is available on line. I throw away all paid bills because most of these are also sent to me and paid online.
These days the only stuff I keep are legal docs referring to houses/businesses bought. I keep tax stuff separate again but only keep them for the required 7 years.
Good luck - I love chucking shit out.

Cazzie!!! said...

I use one of those consentina type file thingies with A-Z and place my invoices in there. Then I have a second one to place the bills once they are paid.

AlleyCat said...

I keep everything for 12 months; I scan as I go & at the end of the financial year put the whole lot on disc/hard drive/removable hard drive; then toss.

I have a 4 drawer filing cabinet at home (1 drawer for current; 3 drawers for everything else) & keep all medical records, warranties & general memorabilia - once a year I look over & consider if I should chuck anything (I usually shut the drawer of the filing cabinet & leave until next year, or when the drawer is so full I can't fit anything else in it so am forced to throw something out).

I have a separate file for birth certs/marriage cert/passport stuff.

I guess none of that would really help if the house burnt down or in the event of a natural disaster!

Ms Smack said...

I'm with Alley!