Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Week

The first week weigh in result is over at Destination Goddess.


Anne said...

Your link to the other blog doesn't work?

Jules said...

Hey Anne, just fixed it, thanks for letting me know. Jxx

Sara said...

Hi Jules, thanks for dropping by my bloggy. I started out in naturopathy as well but the college closed before I could finish! I have the same idea as you - I think I will stick with Psych, possibly through to clinical,if I can handle another 4-5 years ;-/ but maybe just to practicing CBT or becoming a 'counselling psychologist', then I've got the grad cert in nutritional science. I think the two need to work together, definitely. I love London, not so much in the winter, but so nice to have closer access to places like Italy, Spain ;)