Thursday, March 24, 2011

Girls Day Out

Have posted at Destination Goddess for those who give a poo.

My mother and I had a very rare day out yesterday.

Granted we both had to have those hideous womanly rituals, her a mammogram, me a smear. But in between the embarrassing but essential tests, we had a great day.

We went for coffee, did heaps of wee chores and just bumbled around kid/husband free for the day. It was bliss.

Something I must do more often as we are two different veges from two different continents when it comes to our way of thinking but that doesn't mean we can't have a day where all that is just accepted and we potter around enjoying that fact that we can be with our mother/daughter and there is no ice.

When was the last time you had a day like this with your Mum? What did you do?


Ute said...

Ooooh! A Mammosmear coffee date!

I honestly don't think I've EVER had a day with my Mum. She isn't like normal Mum's.

She once told me, "I'm not into all that 'mother/daughter' thing".

I see her every week. But we're not 'close'.

I wish I had a relationship like that...would be really nice.

Jayne said...

Last time I did that (day with mum) was bloody years ago. She's now 6000miles away & the chances of us ever having a mother/daughter day out again are about the same as perfecting a chocolate teapot.

Stephanie said...

You had me at "kid/husband free for a day" !!

AlleyCat said...

I can't remember the last time I had a day like that with my ma. inevitably we disagree about something, or she cracks it over something I've said or gets her rant on about what ever cause she's immersed in at the moment & tries to shove it down my throat. she'd make a great evangalist!!!

a couple of hours we could manage & usually better when other people are around.

Glad YOU had a good day though :0)

Middle Child said...

My mum died when I was 39 I would give my eye teeth to have her with me now - it breaks my heart to think of al the years we missed out on

Chris H said...

I WISH I could remember.
Sadly.... we are two TOTALLY different veges now... and live in TOTALLY DIFFERENT 'patches' too.