Friday, February 20, 2009


Lost a kg, last week, put on 800g this week.

This is ridiculous.

I've become complacent, was so impressed with my easy weightloss not dieting that I just reverted to my usual shite.

But with the posting of my Procrastination dilemma I have received a heap of good info, a few boots up the arse and a whole lot of support.

I can do this.

Kitty put me on to a great website of a guy called Craig Harper, he is a motivational speaker and trainer dude and, oh my gosh, he is so great. Cuts to the chase, doesn't accept the excuses but gives a shitload of good advice. Go check him out, you so will not regret it.

I am in the process of making some little plans, no big monumental planning going, just a rough routine for me. I am going to focus on approaching my day at home with the kids as a work day. I will allow myself "breaks" as such and I will only be on the computer in these breaks for personal use. Facebook and blogging are absolutely awesome ways of catching up with people etc but, holy shit, are they time wasters or what?? You only intend to jump on to see what's going on in the FB community that you have formed and, before you know it, you've been on for an hour. So that's it.

My day is going to be focused on my kids, my housework, my study, my dog and exercise.

My breaks can be for catching up time.

That being said, I need to go and do some shit. Hubby home tonight, been away for the week with new job and I need to have a lovely comfy house for him to come home to with a suitably spruced up wife to greet him. I have indulged in being a bit slovenly over the last two days so now is time to haul arse and get things in order.

Have a great weekend.


AlleyCat said...

hehe yes, get off the computer & go shave your bits!!!

Kitty said...

isn't craig awesome?

he has taught me much. i have discovered all sorts of things about how "we" sabotage ourselves and miss the point so severey.

his personal training studio on on the way to may work and i gotta confess i'm starting to think he might need some kitty-loving one of these days...

Kitty said...



fuck i'm tired

rand(om) bites said...

Of course you can do this Jules starting with small goals hon. I really like Craig Harper too because he is so down to earth and honest. Hope you have a fab weekend with B being back!

EmmaK said...

You can do it babe! I'm right behind you.

Tania said...

I have Craig saved in my favourites but haven't read as yet - i'm gonna do that ... lol

Have to admit through the haze after Mikayla's birth when my PND was at it's worst the one good day that stuck out was when I did exactly what you mentioned! I treated it like a work day - even giving myself a lunch break to spend online!

Hope it works for you and hope you had a FABULOUS weekend.