Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stuff It

I got to the end of my third day and I just thought, this is crazy!!

I can't go another five days with no protein, I just can't.

I have high fasting insulin as it is and I started to get quite dizzy and vacant and then I nearly fainted and Blair said "fuck this, eat something".

I have wanted to do this cleanse for ages but in reality, it sort of goes against what I want to achieve in the short term - which is a healthy attitude towards food, my body and my self esteem. This is just counteracting it as I am obsessing about all the "food" around me. So I will leave this cleanse until I am at the point of feeling comfortable in my body and, to be honest, I am on anti hypertensives, diuretics and anti depressants, and should have consulted my doctor before starting this. At least I haven't cracked the herbals yet so Blair might do it when he in a good space.

But, I do feel pretty great and have woken up this morning with the healthy fruit and veges still implanted in my mind and had a beautiful, fresh pineapple, mango and raspberry with organic unsweetened acidophilus yoghurt smoothie. MMMMMMM.

So I think I will continue on with all these fruit and veges but will need lean steak, chicken, fish, eggs and legumes, gluten free bread (when desired) and other essentials to survive (is wine essential, surely it is??).

In other news:

Blair got underpaid by $3 an hour for his first week!!

The clutch master and slave cylinders in our Isuzu decided to stuff out on Tuesday night, in mechanics now getting fixed for the nice little price of $340.

My "work day" is working out just dandy.

My two toddlers are driving me insane.

I haven't caught up on anyone's blogs all week.

I forgot to send Chris H's lavendar, will do in the morning Chris, hopefully you weren't desperate, bad bloggy friend that I am.

I am off to see Damian Kristoff and LeeAnne Wan of Downsize Me fame on Tuesday night. I put myself in the draw for a free ticket and am stoked to be going along to their seminar. Thanks Jo!!


Anne said...

Would have loved to go to that seminar - but not held in our city.

I'm all for eating balanced, don't know how you stuck it as long as you did!

Jo said...

Hey Jules
Am so stoked to have been able to help you get along to see Damian - its an amazing presentation, and even though I've heard it about 5 times now, I still get something out of it every time.
Love you long time

Cazzie!!! said...

No need to click on my blog, I can tell ya what I've been up to. I have been working night shift, in emergerncy and have azero tolerance to bad behaviour of some people. Hence they get kicked out of the hospital. I got a head cold. I just lagged a driver in front of me into the EPA for tossing a light ciggy into some dry grass out of his cart window and he is gunna get fined... and I may have to go to court if he renegs on the thing, but I am prepared...asshole! LMAO

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Jules...Keep on Keepin' on, sister!

No protein = the devil...seriously.

Smiles for you!

Chris H said...

Don't stress about the bloody lavender mate.. whenever you can get to it!

Tania said...

Oh I don't blame you for giving up the cleanse - I don't think I would have lasted 3 days! But sounds like it's already instilled better habits regarding healthy food choices.

Well done on the work day routine, amazing what something so simple can do for your focus isn't it?

Hope they sort Blair's pay situation out quick smart - how annoying!

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