Monday, February 23, 2009

Ultimate Cleanse

About two or so years ago a couple of you guys did the Ultimate Cleanse.

I bought a pack and was supposed to do it before my wedding but kept having things on so didn't get around to it.

After indulging in a few Vodka and Raspberry RTD's on Saturday night, and suffering the fatigue that followed, I decided to bloody get my Ultimate Cleanse out and get into it.

I can't go too much into it as I am on my "work day" routine and only have 3 mins left to be on internet!!

Any questions you want to know about it, just ask.

I am great by the way. Living and loving my life.


AlleyCat said...

better be leaving brief comments now that your internet time is limited :0)

Good luck with the cleanse - how long & what do you have to do??

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this cleanse thing. Are you ok?


Good luck sister! I'm rooting for you!

donna said...

glad your Living and loving your
what does the cleanse involve???
have a good day

m said...

I did that! I lasted an entire 6 hours. Yea me.

It was the master cleanse. Something with honey, lemons, water, bad breath and other stuff. yeck.

Good luck though!

Ultimate Cleanse said...

Happy February!better living for cleanse need everyone in ultimate cleanse.