Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Procrastinator Extraordinaire


That's me.

I am a "gunna". I'm always in the middle of telling somebody, somewhere, somehow .... that I am going to finish my Naturopathy, I am going to exercise more, I am going to spend more time with the kids, I am going to spend less time on the computer, I am going to learn to sew, I am going to get my budget on track, I am going to have a date with my husband every two months, I am going to be more positive, I am going to wash the dog, I am going to get the house in order, I am going to a million and one bloody things but .... do I ever?? No I bloody well don't.

I NEVER do any of those things.

I have walked for 20 mins this week. Whoopdee shit.

I have had the house in order for a total of two hours. Whoopdee shit.

I have done about 30 mins on my Abnormal Structure and Function assignment. Whoopdee shit.

That's basically the crux of it. Whoopdee bloody shit. What is the key to walking the walk?? And believe me, I can talk the talk, I can advise every Tom, Dick and Harriet what THEY should be doing for optimal health and happy living. So why the hell can I not follow through with my journey. Am I just a lazy bitch?? Really, maybe it's time to admit that I may just be. So then, how to you get your lazy gone?? How do you get sexy, motivated, healthy, fit, loving, "doing" back??

AAAAAARGHHHH HELP ME ...........................................


Kate said...

The more I do, the more motivated I feel. On my days where I can't be fucked doing anything I give myself 15 mins to get as many jobs done as possible, the get to sit down. You just have to get up and do it!

AlleyCat said...

I think we all have lists of "gunna do one day". The trick is to decide what you really want to acheive today, tomorrow, this week - etc break it down. Learning to sew has been on my list since high school. I can mend overall's but that doesn't count. Make a list of small things you want to achieve each day this week & cross them off as you go. Slowly but surely you will see things happening. That said, I'm doing a 12 week challenge at the moment & each week I've put down as a goal to do cardio 4 - 5 times & pump 1 - 2 times per week. In 6 weeks i've yet to go to pump & I've been on the tready twice. I think it depends on how much you really want to acheive the things on your gunna list. Do I really want to learn to sew?? Not really, but it would be nice & I'd save a shit load of $$$!

PS When I am tackling the get the house under control thang - I have a rule that I have to put away 100 items before I can sit down for 15 mins. Then I tackle the next hundred. Hope this helps!!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

jules...the secret is routine. Do it. Fit it in...all of it.

One more thing...always remember it's about you. It's important to flex that daily schedule around you.

Now you are already sexy...Now get motivated. Once you get going it's hard to stop.

Go girl...and get at it....GRRRRRR!

Ciao honey.

Middle Child said...

"Whoopdee bloody shit" I am still laughing and I needed a good laugh today...I don't know any answers...jsut do what fels right and good for yourself and your family...ask for a blessing...but "Whoopdee bloody shit"..hahahaha bloody ha

LaLa said...

I agree with Alley cat. I just actually had a discussion about projects with a client today and he was explaining that if people concentrate on the end result, without breaking it into tiny steps you will just get demotivated and lost.

I was sitting there thinking... I should really apply this to my exercise and health. I sit here and go "I am going to lose 30 kilos" and then say "Fuck. I am never going to get there" But I CAN go to the gym tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that sounds like me, when you find it send it to OZ for me or better still move to OZ and deliver it for me.

Cazzie!!! said...

How do I do it? The secret is to be prepared. When I am going to go for a ride or walk, I get up, I shower, I put on my runners amd then I cannot back out, I have got to go.
Tonight, I took the girls for a bike ride to the park. While they played at the park I continually rode my own bike around the path that surrounds the park. Once we all had enough, we rode home.
I know you caqn do it Jules. Results do not get noticed overnight, it takes time. It took time for the weight to be put on, it will be slow and steady to get rid of it. You can do it :)

kathrynoh said...

I think doing what you did today - just doing even 20-30 mins of something like walking is doing it. I found with studying Japanese, grabbing 10 mins or so study here and there but doing it consistently is what works, rather than trying to cram.

Of course, with the things we *never* get around to doing, maybe it's because we don't really want to do them....

Oh and star charts - they work for me.

rand(om) bites said...

Well, I just did it. One wise lady by the name of sweet Kateypie one day said "just do it". Just do it Jules and stop making excuses. If you *really* want to do it, you will. If you don't, come to terms with that and stop beating yourself up. Do whatever it is for you!

m said...

I'm blaming my period on my lack of doing anything. I'm taking my daughter to swim team which is at my gym and you know....I'm going to sit, drink a coffee and do nothing. I have no desire to do anything. I get what rand says above...just do it...I can only do IT outside.

I want dreadlocks too. I could probably do them myself with my curly hair and all.

Lee-Anne said...

I like Kate's idea actually. It's one of the things I'm trying to do at the moment.

Hang in there chick. You're not the only procrastinator out there.

Tania said...

By taking one step at a time! Write a list of the things that you want to do, prioritise them in order of what's most important to you and focus on the 1st thing, do it until it becomes a habit, when you feel like you're making progress - add number 2!

And in saying that I should bloody do that myself to get my own life in order ... lol

Maybe there's something in that for you too - PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH ;-)